Friday, August 29, 2014

~ Vintage goodness... Formica @ 1955

I am such a huge fan of Formica counter tops. So I am always thrilled when I come across any vintage advertising for their colors and patterns. 

One of my aunts had this pebble looking pattern in orange/yellow Linoleum, that looks suspiciously like this Formica, on her floors. Seems like her counter tops were done in a solid color. But its been too long ago for me to recall for sure. But that floor pattern just sticks in my memory.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness... Lexon Ware and Oneida Melmac sets @ 1967

Is there anything more amazing than the Melmac years? It is one of my favorite highlights of the Mid Century years of decorating. Bright, bold and bedazzling dishes for the kitchen. 

I have chosen a couple advertisements from 1967. This first one is from Lenoxware line of Melmac. I have been saving these vintage ad's to help ID pieces I come up with in my adventures. What I failed to realize was none of these were inexpensive. They are actually kinda of pricey for 1967.

Seriously... $39.95 is not cheap for 1967. At all. The handy inflation calculator is scaring me with its answer.

But lets move forward and look at some more pretty Melmac options...

I love all three of these last three patterns. I have never ever seen the ivy design before. But I have seen oodles of roses and turquoise ones...

Unfortunately, 1967 seems to be the year that avocado green was making its move to dominate the kitchen market for the next decade.

Now these next sets of Melmac is from Oneida. I can just see it now... setting a dinner table of your finest Melmac with your new stainless set of flatware from Oneida. 

And holy cow... these are more pricey than the Lexon Ware sets! Even now 54.95 seems a little pricey. Maybe I did not grasp that Melmac was more high-end product for 1967.

These are large sets of dishes. But dang... 44.95 is not cheap. I am now going to have to start looking at prices of China from this period. 

Hey now... there is finally a set for 24.95!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

~ Vintage Kromex... lots of pretty!!!

One of my prized vintage kitchen possessions, my set of pink Kromex canisters. Love them! 

I had snagged this advertisement of Kromex at least a year ago. It is the only time I have found any kind of print work showing off the four colors of lids offered for these canister sets. 

What it also shows off... is that there was a "Her Majesty Collection" set. Which was all of the counter top collection. Canisters (6), S & P shakers, flour and sugar shakers, spice rack and cake carrier. In the color of your choice. 

Now if you have never seen this picture before... prepare yourself. It is unicorn of the vintage Kromex world. 

Yep. That is a MIB "Deluxe Kromex Starter" set. I have never seen a box set of Kromex in person. It is glorious. Sadly, this set lives in Australia. Where I suspect, it is much loved by its owner.

Speaking of Australia... I came across this delightful spice rack. Which was listed a "Harlequin Anodized" spice rack. 

It does look a lot like the Kromex spice canisters. And I have not come across another one since I saved this picture. But this was a product sold in Australia. Not something that was sold in the US market. Isn't it just divine! 

Kromex did issue a line of canister that had the copper color finish. Which got huge in the 1960's. Lots of the vintage copper color kitchen stuff to be found in the antique malls too.

The Kromex copper canisters never did anything for me.... not after I having seen the ones in turquoise and pink! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

~ Vintage Postcards.... 1909 - 1910

A few more postcards from my great grandmothers collection. Just pretty cards. 

And their one cent stamps. 

I recall my Granny once talking about how everyone knew your business in town, since at least three people were able to read your post cards before you. 

I have more than a couple of these cards between my great grandparents... that were written in some bizarre wording. Which I am going to assume was to stop all the nosy Nellie's from gossiping about their courting through the mail.  : )

Sunday, August 24, 2014

~ Vintage paper dolls... in odd places...

I have always had a soft spot for paper dolls. I loved them as a child. Had many sets of them from my time period. But it is the paper dolls from the 50's & 60's that I find the most amazing. 

I bought these paper dolls at a garage sale back early in the Spring. I had picked up a few pieces of vintage linens. And I notice a box sitting on the ground. It had a big, dust cover, over sized book sitting in it. Nothing that caught my eye immediately.  I was going to go pay for the few things I had picked up. Yet, something made me stop and look closer at the book sitting in that dusty box. 

Oh, my. It was a Ladies Home Journal interior decorating book. Copyright @ 1954. Yes, it is an amazing Mid Century decorating book. With lots of color photo's. 

I have intentions of doing a post about this Ladies Home Journal book later on... to show off the color filled pictures that are included in it. 

But what this big amazing book was hiding... was a stack of vintage paper dolls beneath it! Ohhh and a Etiquette book by Seventeen Magazine. Which is also going to be another post. I have always loved these vintage books, on how to behave like a lady. 

It goes back to private school for me. And a standard class that all high school girls, had to take,  "Proper Etiquette". Or as I referred to it as... "How to be a proper Baptist wife and throw a dinner party, without embarrassing your husband... class!"  Seriously. It was a require 2 year course. Anywho. I have a new vintage book to add to that collection too. It was hid under that massive decorating book.

But those two books had been protecting the glorious paper doll folders! Yea! 

This is actually a Barbie Coloring book... 

The Barbie books had not been completely cut up. There were a handful of clothes cut out... but the majority of them were still uncut. 

Then there is the Dinah Shore set! Along with the girls from Petticoat Junction!

Then there was the Pink Prom Twins! 

All outfits cut loose... and just all kinds of amazing in their 1950's glory.

But the best of them all... was the Annette Funicello set!

Everyone loved Annette! And she was still property of Disney when these were issued too. Thankfully I made the effort to peek in the dusty box. Not only did I find a nice set of paper dolls... I got an incredible Mid Century interior decorating book too!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

~ Vintage Jeannette Punch bowl set... Fiesta Colors!

I love when something this great shows up on eBay! Oh, my goodness. Isn't that an amazing vintage punch bowl set by Jeannette. In Fiesta colors too! 

I have never seen anything this amazing for a party table. I own a couple of lovely cut glass sets... but nothing as fantastic as this fired on color set by Jeannette.

And it even has the original Slick & Sassy box and recipe booklet too! There are more pictures listed with the eBay post... be sure to take a peek at all of them!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

~ Vintage Magazine... McCall's Needlework and Crafts - 1963

It is one of the wonderful things that happen in the Mid Century years, were the crafts. So many fun colorful projects to design. And McCall's Magazine had a dedicated issue for these crafty projects. 

This is a page out of the Spring/Summer 1963 magazine. I came across the image in Pinterest and followed it back to the original blog post

There is so many neat things to read about and see at the "Cathy of California" blog... be sure to click around and take in all the craftiness! This was posted back in 2007.

I recall from my 7th grade Home Ec. class, that we were require to do a needlework project. These were basically a stuff animal pillow that had a lot of felt cuts out... that were hand sewn onto their bodies. A lot like the pig and dog here. 

I did a yellow rabbit. That had white ears. I recall that there was a goofy pillow in the shape of a blue tennis shoe roller skate! Ugh. Does anyone else recall those when they came out in the late 70's? There was a magazine that we were allowed to pick out our project and they came in a great plastic handle bag with all the materials inside. So as you worked on it. You had a nice handle bag to place it all back in, to keep it all together.

Anywho... this page from McCall's reminded me of that middle school project.

How cute are those clothes hangers with the animal heads?!?