Saturday, July 26, 2014

~ Vintage goodness.... Formica for the Kitchen....

Beauty Bonded Formica

I am still a die hard fan of Formica counter tops in the kitchen. Unlike granite, Formica will not destroy your glassware. If you accidentally, let a drinking glass slightly bump against granite, chances are you just lost that glass. 

With Formica... the Formica counter top will absorb a lot of that blow. And keep you from losing a piece of your vintage glassware. This of course is from my personal experience. I am not a fan of granite in the kitchen at all.  It is pretty to look at. But it is a nightmare to work on.

Now I can agree, that I am not a fan of Formica cabinet doors in a home kitchen. But I do like them in a commercial kitchen. And in medical offices. Where they are going to take a beating from daily use. And the harsh cleaners used on them, to kill germs.

I can recall in the mid 1980's... that color Formica cabinets were the height of new kitchen styling, in the apartments being built around Dallas. My first apartment had pale moss green color cabinets! And matching counter tops! And I loved it. I can recall that the entire apartment complex was done in four or five colors of Formica. And I had to have that green kitchen! Because I did not want one of the kitchens, with the slate blue cabinets. Or worse, the kitchen with the mauve cabinets. Ugh. I might love pink. True pinks. But I detest mauve. Mauve has too much of a blue undertone. 

Sadly, Formica does not really make colors that I am looking for now. Too much brown. Beige. Gray. Sad depressing colors.  They have attempted to bring back some Formica style boomerang colors. Which was nice effort for the folks remodeling their Mid Century homes, back to their original cuteness. But I like to see some of those amazing glitter, starry... pink linen styles on the market again.

Now the best thing about Formica. It is not going to break the bank to have it. And if you get bored with the color in few years... you can buy a new color and not go without food to afford it.   

You can't say that about granite. Once you buy that granite. Be prepare to stare at it for the next 20 years.

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Ree Cee said...

Awesome ads! Thanks for taking us down memory lane. Looking back, it looks like it was a magical time.