Friday, July 18, 2014

~ Pyrex - Foulard Coffee Cups and Coffee Pot...

How amazing is that Pyrex coffee set? I had originally saw this back in April. When I was attempting to purchase it.  It did not come home with me. But dang... I was in love. I already have a lust for those Foulard coffee cups. But to see it with its matching Foulard coffee pot, was enough to get me in on the bidding. 

And it had four cups too! 

It never ceases to amaze me how divine items like Pyrex... sits unlove... in a closet for 50 years. But thank goodness for eBay where it comes to find a new home! 

Now here are a couple neat Pyrex things... that are currently on eBay... looking for their new forever homes!

Now is this Pyrex? It has that cradle that looks Pyrex... but I am not for sure about the dishes. Has anyone seen this one before? It is amazing piece of glassware. Love the gold and turquoise motif.

Now this turquoise beauty is Pyrex. With its cradle and original packing papers. I have this bowl... but I don't have that fantastic cradle... or that sweet butterfly Pyrex advertisement! 

This is my sweet turquoise Meadow posing with the Glasbake red polka dot casserole. I really do love this style of bowl. I love the oblong serving pieces. And they all stack within each other pretty easily too. 

Now how about a peek into my cabinet of shame. Where I stash my prize finds.

Just stuff packed in... waiting for their turn in rotation of my daily used glassware...


ThrifterSisters said...

My sister bought me two of those Foulard mugs for Christmas. I love them! I didn't realize that there was also a coffee pot too. What an awesome price for that whole set!


janice15 said...

What a great find.. I have a coffee pot like that put no stand.. really nice cups. I love it. love those other pieces too with love Janice

Sheryl said...

Welcome back. I just love the advertisements you often feature. We had turquoise in my home growing up. I have always loved that color.