Wednesday, July 23, 2014

~ More Whirpool vintage goodness.... Turquoise kitchen...

Whirpool was on the ball in the 1960's with these amazing kitchens. I really like the layout of this one. With the appliances set in a practical way to use them. 

I really do enjoy colorful flooring. It just makes the room. And I want my kitchen to look like a kitchen. With lots of upper cabinets. I am still baffled with the new kitchen construction style, where there is no upper cabinets. Because there are no walls in the kitchen. Just a weird island... and lower cabinets. How is a girl suppose to keep all her vintage Pyrex handy, if there are no upper cabinets? Seriously!?! 

Anywho. Lets look at that laundry room with its Whirpool washer and dryer. So lovely.

I am loving that Mother sitting on the couch. Making sure her window unit it pumping out the cold air. All she needs is a nice afternoon cocktail to finish off her day.


Feathers in my Nest said...

Yep, I agree, We need those upper Cabinets! Oh, to have a kitchen like that..oh, I'd be in heaven..That's when they weren't afraid of everything is steel, YUK, or Black...don't get it..

Makin' Me Crazy said...