Sunday, July 20, 2014

~ JAJ Pyrex.... more gravy boats....

Once again I am lurking around eBay UK. Where their Pyrex listings are filled with amazing things, that never were made for the US market.

Today I am digging around looking at the gravy boats listed for sale. And this wonderful Pyrex bowl with black snowflake's caught my attention.

That is a fantastic piece of Pyrex. Which would compliment the black snowflake pieces that were findable here.

As I was roaming through those Pyrex listings, I saw this sweet gravy boat. Thinking it was also Pyrex.

It was the turquoise snowflakes that caught my eye. Then I read a little of the description and found out it is actually from a glass company called Phoenix Glass. Which was a competitor of Pyrex in the UK. Which makes me think of our Glasbake glassware here in the US.

The quality of the glass does look very similar to Glasbake. So hopefully it is a hardy piece of vintage glassware, for the kitchen.

The style of both boats are so close in looks.... that I saw a few of these for sale before I realize they were not made by Pyrex.

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