Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fluffo Shortening... Mrs. Vik's Championship Fudge Cake recipe...

I had been on the hunt for a vintage chocolate cake recipe. A simple recipe. And I came across this one and it is a keeper.

If you are wondering about Fluffo... it was a shortening with a buttery flavor. I can recall seeing this product at one time. But Crisco pretty much has the market corner in Texas, with what can be found easily on the shelf to buy.

I did use butter flavored Crisco when I made this cake... and it turned out perfect. 

But what Fluffo's real claim to fame... was it made a pretty pie crust. 

Sadly, I still lack the ability to make a quality pie crust from scratch. I am still buying them already in the pan, by Marie Callender from Krogers.  :) 

But dang... that Fluffo makes a pretty crust!

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