Thursday, July 31, 2014

~ Coca Cola... Coke during the Mid Century years...

 Coca Cola - Coke!

This is the second Pete Hawley image I have to share. Of his vintage drawings for Coca Cola... and it is just as amazing as the earlier one I posted.

~ Vintage bathroom... colorful seats...

How wonderful! Look at those amazing colors of replacement toilet seats. This advertisement is from 1970 for the Magnolia brand. Which of all places... was based in Mississippi! Where I bet they sold oodles of that bright pink seat!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

~ Vintage goodness.... 7up and cooking....

The All Family drink - 7up

Besides the amazing blue Pyrex bowl.... I also notice that 7up was being used to make pancake batter... I do love those 7up pound cakes. So maybe using it to make batter might be something interesting to test out...

~ Vintage bathroom... American Standard in blues...

This is a great bathroom by American Standard. I love the mixing of the pale and bold blues. Especially that striped wallpaper. With the pop of reds. Amazing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

~ Vintage Dior...

This amazing Christian Dior nail polish advertisement is from 1974. And once again all these colors are back in rotation. I just saw a slew of these crazy fun colors at Sally's Beauty Supply.  Which makes these polish colors a lot more reasonable to purchase. 

If you ever need a little jolt to your heart... go price Dior nail polish at Macy's.

~ Vintage bathrooms.... American Standard in Yellow!

This is a great advertisement from American Standard.... and I even love the color of this one too!

Monday, July 28, 2014

~ Vintage Goodness.... Dr. Pepper

Nothing is Impossible - Dr. Pepper

~ Vintage Pink kitchens.... cabinets....

St. Charles Cabinets

There is so many amazing vintage kitchen images with these steel cabinets to pour over.  What I like about this pink kitchen was that the butler pantry area is done in turquoise. With wood cabinets. It is a nice way to put texture into the space. And still compliments all the pink steel cabinets. Plus there is two sinks!  You never realize, how much you will use that second sink till you have it handy.

This particular advertisement for St. Charles cabinets, was also showing off that they had an available matching desk area for your kitchen. I wish more of these survived. 

For me, this is my perfect kitchen layout. I love the "L" shaped kitchen. Were the appliances are set up in a great used friendly way. And there is a window above the sink. Where I would have the most amazing set of curtails. I do find the pale gray walls pleasing too. And I am not a fan of the color gray anywhere near me.

Now this has to be a kitchen for a tiny apartment. The stove top is one of those two burner only, pull downs. With the washer beneath the oven. But look at that great light fixture! But yea... tiny pink kitchen.

As I was clicking through looking at all those Formica advertisements... I came across the pinkest kitchen I have ever saw. 

Wow.   That is a whole lot of pink Formica cabinets! Dang that just might be too much pink for me. Maybe.  Notice the bold pink trim out paint along with the pink ceilings and walls. Yet, there are those fantastic light fixtures here. And dual sinks that back up to one another. 

And of course lets not over look the washer and dryer hanging out... with the white refrigerator. You know it would break my heart, not to have the laundry in the center of the kitchen.

Bless Formica, for all their effort in pulling this big bold pink kitchen together. I wonder if anyone ever had this one installed in their home. I like the see the face of the husband, who had to see this one every morning, over his pink coffee cup. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

~ Coca Cola... Coke during the Mid Century years...

Coca - Cola.... Coke!

I came across a few vintage Pete Hawley drawings for Coke. Here is the first one. 

Look how fabulous that green dress is on that pretty girl. Again I wonder, why don't products use great art work anymore. 

When was the last time you saw an ad in a magazine that really caught your attention? No one uses artist drawings to sell their product anymore. It is truly a lost art.

~ Vintage kitchen fun... decorating with lots of color...

Monsanto Plastron

I am such a fan of kitchens packed full of color. Through the years there has been many choices of material made for kitchen use. Such as oilcloth, vinyl and misc cotton backed plastics.  And there is tons of cute oilcloth materials to buy to this day....

Best past was the wide variety of colors and prints. And was not expensive to purchase. So a girl could have all kinds of looks by changing out her table cloth and curtains. 

Every summer I make it a point to see what kind of new vinyl table clothes, that Target stocks. Target tends to have the cutest things. With so many mix and match options. 

Look at that matching shelf paper and boarders too! You really could get out of hand with all the options. Yet, there is something satisfying of having cute kitchen. Which did not cost you a fortune to put together. 

Then the finishing touch... is to have a cheery kitchen clock. Like this lovely 1954 General Electric clock. One of my prized possessions in my kitchen is my pink GE clock. When it finally died. I had to have the old electric motor replaced with a battery operating one.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

~ Vintage goodness.... Formica for the Kitchen....

Beauty Bonded Formica

I am still a die hard fan of Formica counter tops in the kitchen. Unlike granite, Formica will not destroy your glassware. If you accidentally, let a drinking glass slightly bump against granite, chances are you just lost that glass. 

With Formica... the Formica counter top will absorb a lot of that blow. And keep you from losing a piece of your vintage glassware. This of course is from my personal experience. I am not a fan of granite in the kitchen at all.  It is pretty to look at. But it is a nightmare to work on.

Now I can agree, that I am not a fan of Formica cabinet doors in a home kitchen. But I do like them in a commercial kitchen. And in medical offices. Where they are going to take a beating from daily use. And the harsh cleaners used on them, to kill germs.

I can recall in the mid 1980's... that color Formica cabinets were the height of new kitchen styling, in the apartments being built around Dallas. My first apartment had pale moss green color cabinets! And matching counter tops! And I loved it. I can recall that the entire apartment complex was done in four or five colors of Formica. And I had to have that green kitchen! Because I did not want one of the kitchens, with the slate blue cabinets. Or worse, the kitchen with the mauve cabinets. Ugh. I might love pink. True pinks. But I detest mauve. Mauve has too much of a blue undertone. 

Sadly, Formica does not really make colors that I am looking for now. Too much brown. Beige. Gray. Sad depressing colors.  They have attempted to bring back some Formica style boomerang colors. Which was nice effort for the folks remodeling their Mid Century homes, back to their original cuteness. But I like to see some of those amazing glitter, starry... pink linen styles on the market again.

Now the best thing about Formica. It is not going to break the bank to have it. And if you get bored with the color in few years... you can buy a new color and not go without food to afford it.   

You can't say that about granite. Once you buy that granite. Be prepare to stare at it for the next 20 years.

Friday, July 25, 2014

~ Vintage goodness... Pepsi Cola...

 So social... So sweet! Pepsi Cola!  

I am still loving these mid century advertisements from Pepsi. And that lilac smoking jacket is giving me the vapors. How can you not enjoy a grown man lounging around your living room, in a lilac jacket?

~ Armstrong Linoleum... the kitchen/office in dots!

How amazing. I am never bored by these charming vintage Armstrong Linoleum advertisements. 

What I love is the testimony of the housewife. How she does not have to wax her floors, daily, to keep the shine anymore. She has the new improved Armstrong Linoleum in her kitchen. That she can even skip a day dust mopping them!  Holy cow. I am lucky if I get my kitchen floor swept twice a week. And these ladies in the 1940's have a routine were they were waxing them daily. Those girls were dedicated

As I was reading through this little advertisement I realize that this was a new concept. Having the kitchen be an all in one for the wife. 

Where she cook, sewed and did the bookkeeping in her kitchen. I bet this is about the same time, that the washer machine found its way into the center of the kitchen too. 

I find all the polka dots a nice cheery touch for this room. Plus it is pink and navy. Love it! With the glass brick wall bringing in tons of light to the room. 

Yet, I am still amazed that women were worried with a daily waxing of the floors. Makes me very thankful for my no wax floors!  But I can recall my Grandmother would wax her no-wax floors. And it drove my Aunt crazy. Yet, my Grandmother had the shiniest floors you ever seen. Now I realize where that obsession came from. It was just a habit formed in her early married years. That your floors could never be too clean. Or shiny enough!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

~ Vintage goodness... Pepsi Cola...

 So Young. So Fair. So Debonair! Pepsi Cola!

Sometimes a big bold color advertisement is just too pretty to pass up. This time it is a vintage Pepsi ad. They really did have oodles of these mid century ad's with great backgrounds. They always had a pretty girl in all of them... but it is the art work that really captures the greatness of the time period.

~ Jell-O Chiffon Pie....

Now I am very found of pudding pies. Especially coconut cream pie. But I don't recall a Chiffon Pie mix from Jell-O. 

But now I am curious about this Jell-O product.  I love a pretty pie!  And it's pink too! 

(I am thinking that a tub of Cool Whip, folded into pudding, will get the same effect.)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

~ More Whirpool vintage goodness.... Turquoise kitchen...

Whirpool was on the ball in the 1960's with these amazing kitchens. I really like the layout of this one. With the appliances set in a practical way to use them. 

I really do enjoy colorful flooring. It just makes the room. And I want my kitchen to look like a kitchen. With lots of upper cabinets. I am still baffled with the new kitchen construction style, where there is no upper cabinets. Because there are no walls in the kitchen. Just a weird island... and lower cabinets. How is a girl suppose to keep all her vintage Pyrex handy, if there are no upper cabinets? Seriously!?! 

Anywho. Lets look at that laundry room with its Whirpool washer and dryer. So lovely.

I am loving that Mother sitting on the couch. Making sure her window unit it pumping out the cold air. All she needs is a nice afternoon cocktail to finish off her day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

~ Campbell's Soup....

I never knew that Campbell's soup was once sold in the frozen food isle. I wonder how long this lasted on the market. 

I am curious where the market was for frozen soup.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

~ JAJ Pyrex.... more gravy boats....

Once again I am lurking around eBay UK. Where their Pyrex listings are filled with amazing things, that never were made for the US market.

Today I am digging around looking at the gravy boats listed for sale. And this wonderful Pyrex bowl with black snowflake's caught my attention.

That is a fantastic piece of Pyrex. Which would compliment the black snowflake pieces that were findable here.

As I was roaming through those Pyrex listings, I saw this sweet gravy boat. Thinking it was also Pyrex.

It was the turquoise snowflakes that caught my eye. Then I read a little of the description and found out it is actually from a glass company called Phoenix Glass. Which was a competitor of Pyrex in the UK. Which makes me think of our Glasbake glassware here in the US.

The quality of the glass does look very similar to Glasbake. So hopefully it is a hardy piece of vintage glassware, for the kitchen.

The style of both boats are so close in looks.... that I saw a few of these for sale before I realize they were not made by Pyrex.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

~ Whirlpool... the pink kitchen appliances...

Just a couple of views of an amazing pink kitchen... with green cabinets. From the Whirlpool kitchen appliances book from the 1960's. 

There is so much color used here.... that I am going to ignore where all the appliances are placed.  Such an odd placement for a kitchen, that people are meant to cook in. And even to this day, I am not fond of the free floating island in the center of the room. But I do love those glossy looking turquoise floors!

And I see that the laundry room in still sitting in the middle of the kitchen... :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

~ Pyrex - Foulard Coffee Cups and Coffee Pot...

How amazing is that Pyrex coffee set? I had originally saw this back in April. When I was attempting to purchase it.  It did not come home with me. But dang... I was in love. I already have a lust for those Foulard coffee cups. But to see it with its matching Foulard coffee pot, was enough to get me in on the bidding. 

And it had four cups too! 

It never ceases to amaze me how divine items like Pyrex... sits unlove... in a closet for 50 years. But thank goodness for eBay where it comes to find a new home! 

Now here are a couple neat Pyrex things... that are currently on eBay... looking for their new forever homes!

Now is this Pyrex? It has that cradle that looks Pyrex... but I am not for sure about the dishes. Has anyone seen this one before? It is amazing piece of glassware. Love the gold and turquoise motif.

Now this turquoise beauty is Pyrex. With its cradle and original packing papers. I have this bowl... but I don't have that fantastic cradle... or that sweet butterfly Pyrex advertisement! 

This is my sweet turquoise Meadow posing with the Glasbake red polka dot casserole. I really do love this style of bowl. I love the oblong serving pieces. And they all stack within each other pretty easily too. 

Now how about a peek into my cabinet of shame. Where I stash my prize finds.

Just stuff packed in... waiting for their turn in rotation of my daily used glassware...