Sunday, April 06, 2014

~ Vintage goodness.... colored bathroom tissue!

Oh, how I miss having a choice in tissue. Instead of plain old white bathroom tissue, not too long ago there were lots of colors and patterns to chose from in the tissue aisle. 

And of course since it is the girls that tend to be colored driven... these advertisements were geared to catch our eye. 

So many of these vintage advertisements, I came across, seem to be from Scott tissue. And Scott tissue was not afraid to spend that money, on their ad's either.

I can not recall ever wearing a dramatic ball gown, to eye ball my new bathroom tissue. But it sure is pretty!

Of course there was a whole campaign of these beauties in expensive dresses, hanging out in their exquisitely decorated bathrooms.

I have never looked that pulled together in my bathroom. Ever. Neck scarves and up-do's. 

But you have to admit, Scott tissue knew who they were selling that bathroom tissue to. Girls who wanted tissue to match those bathroom towels!  I will admit that I always had pink or pink floral bathroom tissue, in my bathroom till they stopped selling it. It seems like I was still able to find it in the mid 1990's(?). Then it just disappeared. 

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Vicki said...

Oh, my...I miss color patterned bathroom tissue. And I love your blog!