Thursday, April 17, 2014

~ Pyrex from the UK - gravy boats!

image from here.... and currently for sale!

Oh my goodness.... isn't this a wonderful piece of Pyrex. This is a delightful cornflower blue, Pyrex gravy boat with its saucer. That needs a brand new home! How great is this little piece of Pyrex. 

And not only does the seller in Etsy have the one above... she has four different ones in her shop!! All of them fabulous finds... which of course there is nothing like these to be located in the US. These wonderful little boats are located in the UK.

Now this pale green gravy bowl, is my favorite. I love this style of fired on color Pyrex. 

image from here.... and currently for sale!

They have the same style of Pyrex glassware, from Australia too. But sadly none of it was issued in the US.  Which is really annoying.  Be sure to go take a peek at this sellers Pyrex stuff. She has some amazing things for sale.

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