Wednesday, April 02, 2014

~ Fantastic bold colors... in the vintage Kitchen...

Rubbermaid Advertisement - 1952

As much as I love the vintage pink and turquoise. There is other wonderful colors from the 1950's, for kitchen decorating.  The primary colors were a huge influence in this period. Lots of red, yellow, green and blue. And this brilliantly vibrant vintage Rubbermaid advertisement from 1952, shows off those primary colors with lots of flair.

Rubbermaid listing of their items in the picture... 

So with this wonderful kitchen of bold red and green, a girl would want some matching dinnerware.  I tend to think Fiesta would be the dishes to have in those shelves! 

Can you image purchasing a 109 piece set of Fiesta dinnerware for 14.95?!? That is a complete serving for 8. For fifty cents down and fifty cents a week, you too could have this glorious set of Fiesta ware in their sassy primary colors. How amazing is that!

And if I am going to talk about kitchen cabinets being filled with vintage glassware... a girl would need to have some red ships by McKee too!

The color Red, was really popular for many decades in kitchen wares. I have showed off my red dots many times. There is always something cheery about having splashed of red in the kitchen. 

Even this evil baby face pot holder, is all kinds of fun with cheery red surrounding those disturbing eyes! Which thankfully this little devil lives in my Mother's kitchen. 


Marci said...

I love McKee milk glass items. The red and white are my favorite for my kitchen (and of course jadeite green). I cannot believe Fiesta sold that cheap!! What year was that from?

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I can't prove what year that ad for the Fiestaware was used. I am leaning towards the late 1930's.