Tuesday, April 29, 2014

~ Better Homes and Garden - Fun colorful vintage Kitchen plans....

I love a kitchen packed full of color. And this turquoise, green and purple kitchen does not disappoint in all that bold color, packed into such a small space.

What I found so interesting with this kitchen, is the placement of the wallpaper. There is the standard paper above the cabinets. But the twist to this kitchen is the continuation of the arbor design paper. To the ceiling! So there is this illusion of the kitchen being under a sweet grapevine filled garden arbor. Love it!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

~ Easter - Fun vintage images...

Just miscellaneous vintage Easter images... 

Dolly Dingle's Little Cousin Robin...

A vintage postcard with a bold pink Easter egg with yellow flowers.

A fun vintage Schilling food color advertisement with a turquoise rabbit. 

With some interesting DIY crafty Easter eggs.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

~ Betty Crocker & Gold Medal Flour... Cake recipe...

I adore the vintage magazine recipes from Betty Crocker. This Spring Delight cake, also included Gold Medal flour.

Did they include flatware with flour? I can't remember which staple that came with a free piece of flatware...

I have roamed through lots of vintage Easter advertisements for cakes. This one is just so much fun! I love those coconut snowballs on the side...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

~ Pyrex from the UK - gravy boats!

image from here.... and currently for sale!

Oh my goodness.... isn't this a wonderful piece of Pyrex. This is a delightful cornflower blue, Pyrex gravy boat with its saucer. That needs a brand new home! How great is this little piece of Pyrex. 

And not only does the seller in Etsy have the one above... she has four different ones in her shop!! All of them fabulous finds... which of course there is nothing like these to be located in the US. These wonderful little boats are located in the UK.

Now this pale green gravy bowl, is my favorite. I love this style of fired on color Pyrex. 

image from here.... and currently for sale!

They have the same style of Pyrex glassware, from Australia too. But sadly none of it was issued in the US.  Which is really annoying.  Be sure to go take a peek at this sellers Pyrex stuff. She has some amazing things for sale.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

~ Sunbeam Mixmaster - Australia 1960

Now how about a closer look at the Mixmaster's in pretty colors!

Yes, I like to have one of each! I love to have that green one especially!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

~ Agee Pyrex - made in Australia

Sometimes I come across some amazing things in Pinterest... and today that amazing thing is a vintage advertisement for Agee Pyrex. 

I am so jealous that this vibrant color glass line was not sold in the USA. 

This advertisement was from a Women's Weekly from November 1958.

And I am loving their pink striped Pyrex boxes!

I get a thrill when I see these vintage advertisements for this Agee Pyrex. I have a couple  more to share too.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

~ Vintage goodness.... colored bathroom tissue!

Oh, how I miss having a choice in tissue. Instead of plain old white bathroom tissue, not too long ago there were lots of colors and patterns to chose from in the tissue aisle. 

And of course since it is the girls that tend to be colored driven... these advertisements were geared to catch our eye. 

So many of these vintage advertisements, I came across, seem to be from Scott tissue. And Scott tissue was not afraid to spend that money, on their ad's either.

I can not recall ever wearing a dramatic ball gown, to eye ball my new bathroom tissue. But it sure is pretty!

Of course there was a whole campaign of these beauties in expensive dresses, hanging out in their exquisitely decorated bathrooms.

I have never looked that pulled together in my bathroom. Ever. Neck scarves and up-do's. 

But you have to admit, Scott tissue knew who they were selling that bathroom tissue to. Girls who wanted tissue to match those bathroom towels!  I will admit that I always had pink or pink floral bathroom tissue, in my bathroom till they stopped selling it. It seems like I was still able to find it in the mid 1990's(?). Then it just disappeared. 

Friday, April 04, 2014

~ Let's talk Turquoise.... Hull Crestone and Winart Pottery... drip pottery...

What an amazing vintage kitchen. Those gleaming white steel cabinets with those lively turquoise counter tops. This kitchen just looks like all kinds of happiness. It even has a pink Bell rotary desk phone! Perfection. 

I have been stalking around eBay and Etsy looking at drip pottery, as of late. The thing is I have a vivid memory of turquoise drinking glasses from my great aunt's home. And I thought they were a product from Hull Pottery.  The Hull Crestone pattern. 

image from here... this set is sold...

So I have been roaming eBay looking for the matching drinking glasses. I had heard this pattern called drip pottery. But that seems to be a slang name for it. But had no luck in finding any to see up close. 

image from here... and currently for sale too! 

image from here... and currently for sale too!

So I had kept on poking around looking for the drinking glasses I loved... then I saw them! 

image from here... and currently for sale too!

Image my surprise, when I realize they were not part of the Hull pottery line. LOL!  These amazing turquoise pottery glasses are actually part of the Winart Pottery line. A hard to find pottery, at that!  No wonder, I have not stumble upon them. It seems that the turquoise pieces from this Winart line, is not exactly plentiful around these parts.

Which is odd in a way. Winart Pottery was made in Oklahoma. And that other Oklahoma pottery, made by Frankoma, is alllll over the place here in Texas. Seriously. But sadly, the Winart Pottery is not.

So I went looking for other pieces, just to get an idea what there is to find. And it's not really alot. Yet the things I am finding are pretty amazing. These color pieces are all kinds of pretty. 

image from here... and currently for sale!

I love these sassy pink with the brown drip.... it looks like a creamer and the sugar bowl.

image from here... and currently for sale!

The Winart Pottery has these fabulous drinking sets with their carrying tray.  Which is a little gift, for hauling six full glasses around the kitchen. And I am loving that lime green pottery!
 image from here... and currently for sale!

Then of course there is a marvelous set of coffee mugs with their own wood tray too!

Now I have notice that the Winart Pottery, seems to have at least two different markings... 

I am really loving those green glasses! Now both the Winart Pottery and the Hull Pottery had this drip pottery design in brown with a off white drip. Which I saw more than enough of as a child. Even my Mother had the brown version of this stuff. 

But I am a girl who loves color in her kitchen. So I will continue to hunt for the turquoise set of Winart. And maybe even a little of that glorious green!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

~ Vintage recipe - Kraft Marshmallow Broiled Icing... in Pyrex!

Well lookie there! My favorite 9x9 Pyrex brownie making pan! It is even in that fabulous unique yellow color. 


So today this is a vintage recipe for Marshmallow icing. It is a really simple quick way to top off any chocolate cake or brownies.

With a little Parkay margarine, brown sugar, nuts, milk and a cup of Kraft Marshmallows. You can have a great gooey, yet with a hint of crispy... icing for you cake!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

~ Fantastic bold colors... in the vintage Kitchen...

Rubbermaid Advertisement - 1952

As much as I love the vintage pink and turquoise. There is other wonderful colors from the 1950's, for kitchen decorating.  The primary colors were a huge influence in this period. Lots of red, yellow, green and blue. And this brilliantly vibrant vintage Rubbermaid advertisement from 1952, shows off those primary colors with lots of flair.

Rubbermaid listing of their items in the picture... 

So with this wonderful kitchen of bold red and green, a girl would want some matching dinnerware.  I tend to think Fiesta would be the dishes to have in those shelves! 

Can you image purchasing a 109 piece set of Fiesta dinnerware for 14.95?!? That is a complete serving for 8. For fifty cents down and fifty cents a week, you too could have this glorious set of Fiesta ware in their sassy primary colors. How amazing is that!

And if I am going to talk about kitchen cabinets being filled with vintage glassware... a girl would need to have some red ships by McKee too!

The color Red, was really popular for many decades in kitchen wares. I have showed off my red dots many times. There is always something cheery about having splashed of red in the kitchen. 

Even this evil baby face pot holder, is all kinds of fun with cheery red surrounding those disturbing eyes! Which thankfully this little devil lives in my Mother's kitchen.