Monday, March 24, 2014

~ Bell Telephone.... the Kitchen wallphone... in pink!

Bell Telephone - 1965

Hey now! That is a gorgeous kitchen phone.... in pink. Love it.  Matter of fact.... I own that pink phone...

I am always looking for the vintage advertisements, for the odd stuff I collect. And these pink telephone ad's are wonderful... and gives me a decent idea when they were being marketed.

Carolina Telephone & Telegraph Co. - 1961

My favorite sell point... is that "Modern homes have handy phones .... in Color!"


LBP said...

You have it in pink! Lucky girl. I grew up with one hanging on our kitchen but it was a boring beige. Love the pink!


Farm Girl Pink... said...

I grew up with a boring black wall phone in the kitchen... till that harvest gold nightmare, took its place.

Had it not been for cordless phones. I bet that ugly harvest gold one would still be there. :)

But my Aunt... she had a turquoise kitchen wall phone until maybe a decade ago. When she finally gave it up for a cordless one.