Saturday, February 15, 2014

~ My most popular post from 2013... The Ball Canning Jars...

With the demands of family obligations... I have been hit or miss with being able to post. Not that I don't have things saved and images loaded to use. I just can not keep up with everything I like to on a weekly basis. 

But I did manage to take a quick peek at my stats for Farm Girl Pink... to see what was popular last year. As in the post that was click on the most.  And really, I would have never guess it would be the post about the Mason jars. 

The gorgeous limited edition Anniversary Ball Mason Canning Jars. In the incredible turquoise color. 

I can tell you... after all that looking for them last Spring. And finally locating them at Krogers. I pick up an extra box of them on clearance, the week after Christmas for two bucks! Love them!

Then the post about the Hooiser - Anchor Hocking depression glass in pale green... came in second....

The the third runner up.... my collection of Household brand Blue Cornflower utensils...

Yet, oddly..... the old post about my Kromex Collection.... beats out everyone. 

But since it goes back two years. I removed it from the competition this year, of who got the most clicks.

If I had the time, I would put some serious time into finding the Kromex set, in Yellow.


Sheryl said...

I read that in March Ball Canning Jars are being released in green. I can't hardly wait.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I see a future in me having to hunt them down. I do love a nice shade of green glassware.

I wish they would do a run of them in pink!