Tuesday, February 18, 2014

~ Fire King Mixing bowls - vintage advertisements...

Nothing pleases me more than a beautiful set of mixing bowls. And the vintage ones from Fire King are fantastic piece of kitchenware, even to this day.

I have randomly show these off before. But I do own a few pieces of the Fire King items, in my kitchen collection of vintage glassware.

So pretty! So bold! And why doesn't Anchor Hocking not release a updated set of these? 

As along as I have been collecting the pretty stuff.... the Fire King glassware has always been plentiful. So if you get the itch to build a set of it. You can get it accomplished.

Dang, I love those tulip lids. Oh why do they have to rust!?!?

I love the size of these Fire King shakers. They are a nice fat shaker that you can keep a grip on when using it.

Love those Fire King black dots! 

And one of the best features for these mixing bowls. They could be placed in the oven for cooking!  Yet, I have been told it is why they can look discolored. Like the white glass turns an odd yellow shade. Maybe it has something to do with gas stoves? Nearly all homes had gas, coal or oil stoves back then.  So when buying the glassware through the mail. Always look close at the pictures to see if the bowls look a little yellow.


LBP said...

I love those Fire King bowls. They remind me so much of lunch at my Grandmother's house. I have her black and white polka dot bowl and I have an aqua and white one as well. I have lusted over those tulip bowls for a while. I am on the look out for some that I can afford!



Unknown said...

Have a set from my mom 5 bowls with small lid for the smallest. would love to have salt and pepper shakers!