Monday, February 24, 2014

~ Mason Jar Measuring cups! Turquoise love!

Are you kidding me!?! How amazing it that turquoise set of measuring cups. Shaped into a Mason Jar.  I saw this recently and squealed a little bit. Love it!

And you too can find yourself a set for your kitchen here.... World Market!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

~ Fire King Mixing bowls - vintage advertisements...

Nothing pleases me more than a beautiful set of mixing bowls. And the vintage ones from Fire King are fantastic piece of kitchenware, even to this day.

I have randomly show these off before. But I do own a few pieces of the Fire King items, in my kitchen collection of vintage glassware.

So pretty! So bold! And why doesn't Anchor Hocking not release a updated set of these? 

As along as I have been collecting the pretty stuff.... the Fire King glassware has always been plentiful. So if you get the itch to build a set of it. You can get it accomplished.

Dang, I love those tulip lids. Oh why do they have to rust!?!?

I love the size of these Fire King shakers. They are a nice fat shaker that you can keep a grip on when using it.

Love those Fire King black dots! 

And one of the best features for these mixing bowls. They could be placed in the oven for cooking!  Yet, I have been told it is why they can look discolored. Like the white glass turns an odd yellow shade. Maybe it has something to do with gas stoves? Nearly all homes had gas, coal or oil stoves back then.  So when buying the glassware through the mail. Always look close at the pictures to see if the bowls look a little yellow.

~ Vintage Magazines... just because they are pretty!

Boston Sunday Post - Sunday Magazine - February 1914

Sunday, February 16, 2014

~ Kraft Swanky Swigs... the juice glasses...

As I keep looking for the older advertisements for vintage glassware I collect, I keep coming across amazing things in Pinterest. 

This time I have locate a nice set of vintage Kraft Cheese Spreads advertisements. Which of course brought to the masses the Swanky Swigs juice glasses!

And to be honest. These were all over the place for decades. They were made with a nice weight of glass. So they could take a little knocking around. Many survive to this day. Easy to still collect and normally there is at least a dozen of them in any local antique mall. So you can build a nice set of them for daily use. 

I will mention. I have used the red and blue floral ones for candle burning. They are the perfect diameter for those small votives candles.

I do wish I had made a better effort to set a matching set of 8 of them collected. I have lots of doubles. And it never has bugged me to mix and match my drinking glasses on my table. Though it does bug my Mother. 

I wish Kraft would start a new line of collector glass ware decorate with flowers. I just might buy their cheese in a glass jar if there were flowers involved. :) 

But granted I tend to by my pimento cheese in that big plastic container. Oh my goodness... there is no better pimento cheese than that tub from Price's.

Anywho.... I was just thinking how much I still love the same things I was buying back years ago. I never get bored with the drinking glasses with the color prints on them. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

~ My most popular post from 2013... The Ball Canning Jars...

With the demands of family obligations... I have been hit or miss with being able to post. Not that I don't have things saved and images loaded to use. I just can not keep up with everything I like to on a weekly basis. 

But I did manage to take a quick peek at my stats for Farm Girl Pink... to see what was popular last year. As in the post that was click on the most.  And really, I would have never guess it would be the post about the Mason jars. 

The gorgeous limited edition Anniversary Ball Mason Canning Jars. In the incredible turquoise color. 

I can tell you... after all that looking for them last Spring. And finally locating them at Krogers. I pick up an extra box of them on clearance, the week after Christmas for two bucks! Love them!

Then the post about the Hooiser - Anchor Hocking depression glass in pale green... came in second....

The the third runner up.... my collection of Household brand Blue Cornflower utensils...

Yet, oddly..... the old post about my Kromex Collection.... beats out everyone. 

But since it goes back two years. I removed it from the competition this year, of who got the most clicks.

If I had the time, I would put some serious time into finding the Kromex set, in Yellow.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

~ Vintage Valentine's.... more children cards...

Country Gentleman Magazine - February 1938

After my love for the kitchen theme Valentine cards had passed.... I started looking for couples themed cards...and once again Pinterest never fails me when I look for images.

These are some of my favorites...

So sweet! Most of these are from the 1920's to the 1940's. I really do appreciate the style of the graphic arts from this period...

Then this wonderful, yet bizarre flower head couple... 

And they are "Bloomin Happy in the Garden of Love".....

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kroehler Sofa's.... the turquoise ones...

I love Kroehler sofa's. I love the years of their turquoise or pink sofa's, that were a huge staple of their inventory. My Granny had the pink three piece set in her old house. Which means... the house she had till I was around 5.

Then she built her new home in 1972. And that house was a time capsule to 1972 when she passed away in 2003. Her colors in the new home. Lime Green and Sunny Yellow. It was divine.

I have very distinct memories of her pink Kroehler furniture that was in her old house. She had the sofa, love seat... along with the matching chair and ottoman. I have been looking for a picture I know, I have, of me and my sister sitting in that pink chair.

I ended up with the picture. But I can not find in it my mounds of genealogy stuff. No matter how I attempt to make a filing system for the genealogy collection. It is never in any decent order. 

Anywho... what provoked me into this ramble about my love of Kroehler sofa's... this heavenly turquoise sofa.

That is currently for sale in the Dallas Craigslist. My goodness that is just turquoise perfection.

What a gorgeous piece of Mid Century furniture. So bold. Love the lines of the sofa. I have a great dislike for pillow back sofa's. It is a constant issue with those pillows looking distorted and sad within six months. While the rest of the sofa still looks crisp.

Oh the joy I would have. If I walked into a new furniture show room and saw one of these beauties brand new and looking for a new home.

~ Vintage Valetine - the post cards...

~ Vintage Valentine.... Child Life Magazine

Child Life - February 1936

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~ Vintage Valentine... the girls...

The Saturday Evening Post - February 1935

Here is more from my Pinterest roaming... vintage children Valentine cards... mostly funny little girls. 

But I did come across two really cute cards that highlighted little boys... 

Of course there were numerous vintage magazine's, for the month of February... that had Valentine themed covers. So here is one more from... The Saturday Evening Post...

The Saturday evening Post - February 1932