Wednesday, December 18, 2013

~ Spun Cotton Angel... part two...

Last year, I wrote about a vintage spun cotton head angel.... that I had rescued from my great grandparents home when I was a kid. Nothing fancy. Just an odd find when the old farm house was being cleared out. But at the time, I could not lay my hands on it. 

Well that lone blue angel finally made it home with me. 

Unfortunately, my favorite camera is not functioning correctly. And has went to be repaired. So I am having to rely on my old Fuji camera. Which I have forgot how to use it for close up shots. So everyone of my pictures... suck. There is simply no other words for it. I am missing my Sony camera terribly. I have also included another vintage spun cotton head tree decoration. A sweet pink angel with her gold violin. And I actually have a set of six of these.

As I was looking at vintage Christmas decorations in Etsy the other day. I saw this... 

A stunning set of the angels still in their original Shiny Brite box. They have since sold. And I am about certain those were priced around 75.00! I wish I had made a note to be sure. But they were pricey little angels. But so so pretty!  This seller has some amazing vintage Christmas decorations in their store. Be sure to take a peek at their inventory!

But it solves the mystery for me, when my sweet lone blue angel came from... and she was part of a set of six.  These were all marked with the Japan stamp. 

Without a doubt, the best things are found in those old Shiny Brite boxes.


Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

You're so right...nothing better than a box full of Shiny Brite ANYTHING! Whether it's glass ornaments or angels!
Cute post!
Erica :)

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I am always thrilled when I see those old Shiny Brite boxes. I need to be more active with getting out to the sales this upcoming Spring.

I like to find more of the decorative things from that line. Versus just having glass balls.