Saturday, December 07, 2013

~ Shiny Brite... the ornaments...

Well lets take a peek... at a some of the ornaments from my magical Shiny Brite box... 

I love that these were not discarded years ago. 

I had such distinct memories of the pink and turquoise ornaments. 

They are a little thin on the bottoms. But still shine bright when the lights hit them. 

The pink and turquoise balls in this picture are still is fantastic shape. 

Oh to have a dozen of each! 

I did end up finding a lot of these vintage bell shaped ones scatter out in different boxes. And they are showing their age on their under carriages... but they are still loved! 

So much happiness in these older ornaments... now I need a aluminum tree!  

I did find a few older advertisements that have some similar looking ornaments to the ones I have... 

Montgomery Wards - 1952

Sears - 1957

Sears - 1956

But I am fully aware, that a big shiny tree, becomes "Funland" for the cat.

Then as I was photographing the Shiny Brite box... I notice the price tag was still attached. 

For the one time cost of  a buck twenty eight!  I get happy memories decades later....

Now lets take a peek at all the wonderful 
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veg-o-matic said...

I know it's silly, but I always love finding something with its original price tag!