Sunday, December 15, 2013

~ Random Holiday pretty.... Ralph Hulett and his cats!

In an earlier post... I had a couple of vintage Christmas card images... from the vintage collection by Ralph Hulett.  

Here are some more of his vintage images to add to vintage Christmas card designs.

He had did a set of images based on his own cats. These great Siamese cats.

Love them!

I wish there was a re-issue of his vintage holiday Cat cards. 

I did come across that Ralph Hulett was an animator for Disney for years. But rumor has it, his own work for greeting cards was more profitable. And seriously I believe it. His drawings are just that inviting and festive. Always done in great colors. 

His son... has a blog... where he covers all kinds of things. But it looks like he has added vintage images from his Father collection... only during the holidays. 

Go here and see which ones he has added over the last couple years. Lots of good things here to see!

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Iprefervintage said...

I usually don't take an interest in ephemera, but the artist of these cards did a fabulous job of capturing the era. Great designs.