Saturday, December 21, 2013

~ Random Holiday pretty... Family Circle @ 1958

Family Circle - 1958

Nothing pleases me more than vintage MCM magazines. I love seeing the crazy stuff that came from this time period. There is so much goodness that was explored. And these are images from a vintage Family Circle magazine from 1958.

The one thing that truly caught my eye with this page... is this... 

Look at those Fire King mugs! I have these in white and green... but I have yet to find me a blue one. Then again that Snowman themed (made from donut hole's) center piece is pretty amazing too. All the while climbing a hill of popcorn. 

Look that those hair-do's! Besides the crazy looking cookies... it was those brown metal kitchen cabinets that caught my eye. 

I can't say I have actually seen them in brown before. Lots of blues, pinks, white, yellow colored ones. But never brown. Yet, I am not a fan of big brown kitchens. :) I still find them interesting.

For me it was the 1950's when food took an very interesting turn. I have collected many cookbooks from this time era. With some incredibly gross recipes. Where tuna, jell-o and Spam became highlights of new cooking. With some awful results. 

But this is a really sweet Angel cookie tree. Love that silver star on top....

Now speaking of incredibly gross recipes... lets take a closer look at inedible snack on this buffet. 

So... what is that interesting gel looking dish you might ask. Well, let me enlighten you.  
I think this is a Chicken cranberry/mold relish ring... with Watermelon-pickle slices, preserved kumquats with ripe olives.  Seriously. This is just amazing to me.  Yet, not so amazing I would sample it. 

That tree is fabulous. But what I love most is those patent leather black heels.

It has been so long, since I have seen a really cute pair of patent leather heels, for the holidays. All I see lately is just lots of big chunky heels. Or strappy spike heels, that are not feasible to actually wear for any length of time. 

I guess I am looking for old lady heels. The kind that I feel like my foot will stay still in, when I walk. :)

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