Friday, December 06, 2013

~ Random Holiday pretty... and the ice storm...

Love it! 

So charming!

Things have turned ugly here with the weather. Last time the weatherman swore it was going to ice... nothing happen. Which was Thanksgiving weekend. It rarely snows here. We get ice. Sleet. Ugly stuff.

This time the ice has actually happen. And for the next 3-4 days it will not get above freezing. So all of North Texas will be one big crazy ice rink. It makes things brutal here when the roads get iced. We were just 80 degree's on Tuesday! And two days later it won't even be 32. 

The thing is... Texas is just not prepared for "real" Winter weather.  We don't have gear for it. So I suspect I will not leave home till Tuesday at the earliest. I am not a fan of the icy roads. At all. 


Mecky said...

I hope that you don't have to get out in it. Ice is the part of Winter that I just hate.

Stay warm

Farm Girl Pink... said...
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Farm Girl Pink... said...

I am not going anywhere! LOL!

Thank fully I am the one who makes the call about "snow days" for work. And I made that call yesterday morning.

Then promptly sent everyone home before the sleet started up.

I keep watching the local news... and it is just crazy how much ice is on the ground. Not one flake of snow. Just freezing rain and sleet. Ugh!

Pamela Wade said...

Too bad about the ice...I hope you don't lose power! We are supposed to get our first snow Sunday. ~~Pam