Monday, December 23, 2013

~ Random Holiday advertisements... things for the home...

How about some Bakelite holiday goodness from 1953. There is still so much of this vintage holiday bakelite to be found. It seems like those lighted Santa's will always be findable. 

Just a small advertisement for Melmac...

Now how about some Boontonware Melmac! Lots of pretty here! 

Are those pale green mixing bowls?? I never seen those before...

I have always joked that death would visit, if I ever got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. 

But dang, if Hoover isn't making it look alright. To hand your hard working wife one for Christmas.
Hey now.  I would love that turquoise ice bucket. With maybe a nice bottle of Jameson. :) 

A wonderful vintage Toastmaster... which cost $16.00 ---- I suspect that was a very high end toaster.

I love this style of tree lights. Made by General Electric and called "lighted ice". There were a couple of sets of these with my Mother's collection. But she still uses them on the front railing of their home. So they did not get to come home with me.

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