Monday, December 16, 2013

~ Random find... vintage red Christmas ornaments..

Tiny! Tiny! Little red glass bulbs. For your tiny Christmas tree. 

There is some slight discoloring of some of them. But over all in decent shape. 

And I have two boxes of these wonderful vintage red bulbs! With their original string ties on them too.

The original cost: .35 cents


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I like them! I do my one 4 foot aluminum in vintage red bulbs & I bought a grab bag at the thrift & it had some newer cheap red metal bulbs so I tossed them on my new 2 footer. I have yet to buy any specific bulbs to outfit that tree!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

My Mother has a 4 footer, that she spends more time decorating than her main 8 footer tree.

Lots of tiny ornaments. Mostly vintage odd things, that she has collected for decades.

Which would explain the twenty five boxes of Christmas decorations she just thinned out.

The woman loves the older stuff. Especially if it fits on a miniature tree.