Thursday, December 05, 2013

~ Made in Japan... vintage Santa's...

There is so much of the "Made in Japan" holiday stuff to be found. What I have here is a shaker set. 

I suspect they have never been used as shakers. They have always been display items for me. 

And they do have their paper tags intact on the bottom of their foot. 

This is a vintage set of Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Another set of shakers. Where I am sure most people would not pose Santa puckering up to the petticoats of Mrs. Claus. :)  I am not most people... and I have even a better pose for Santa and Mrs. Claus. 

Nothing like shocking the other Santa's. With totally inappropriate posing of Mrs. Claus. haha! 

Both shaker sets are older "Made in Japan" sets. Which I suspect were sold in the local dime stores. But they have held up well over the years.

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Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Cute as can be! I love the first set especially!
Thanks for sharing!
Erica :)