Wednesday, December 04, 2013

~ Holiday fun ... Reynolds Aluminum vintage advertisements...

When I see these older holiday advertisements... I realize there is so many wonderful vintage aluminum kitchen wares out there to be found. Including that tree! 

Look at that wonderful turquoise Club cookware. I love this old Club cookware.  Did you know that there is even a wonderful set of Club Aluminum in pink!?!? The few times I have came across the pink pieces... they have been in rough shape.

But one of my favorite things with the aluminum blend is wrapping paper. 

I make it a point to find, what I call foil wrapping paper, every year. I love how it just glows when it is under the lights of the Christmas tree. 

And not only do I want my wrapping paper blended with the aluminum.... I prefer my Christmas cards to have it on them too! And if I can't find a card I want with the shiny foil glow... then it needs to have glitter! Love glitter cards too... 

Nothing like a little gold glitter to perk up a simple Christmas card!

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