Tuesday, December 03, 2013

~ Boxes of holidays past...

So I get the call from my Mother. She has decided to clear out her Christmas decorations. That she has already gotten all twenty five boxes pulled to the garage floor. I am telling you that garage looked like it just puked up Christmas.

The woman has always loved decorating for the holidays. So after living in their home for close to 50 years... she has her self a pretty stellar collection. What started this whole episode was she was looking for a particular table cloth. The main dining room table in their home needs a 70x140 inch table cloth. And she just knew it was packed up in one of those boxes. Once she started pulling those boxes down off the shelf's... she just decided to do a little thinning of the collection. Ohhh and she ended up finding a dozen different table cloths packed up.

So Mother stated if I wanted anything out of it... I better show up early. And get what I wanted. Other wise the Salvation Army was due to come fetch the rest this week.  I wonder what those poor men will think when she shows them those 17 boxes of Christmas decorations. That all need a new home. 

So as I am sitting and looking through the boxes with her.... I spied what I thought had long been gone. 

That's right... a box of Shiny Bright ornaments.  I had asked about them before and she thought she had gotten rid of them years ago. But there they were... in lots of pink and turquoise glory. A little worn. Yet still how I remember them. Of all the crazy ornaments we have had on the tree at my parents home. I have always loved these vintage ones the most. And now they are all mine!  

And I will show them off this weekend... 

But for now I will show off the goofiness of the cat and dog. 

Jack Cat who refuses to look at me when there is a camera present. But who stayed under my feet the whole time I was in the garage. 

And my Daddy's pride and joy. His little evil Jack Russell. Who is just as nosy as the cat.

She had to continue to sniff all the boxes that were all over the garage floor.  She was greatly concerned about Jack Cat being in her garage. And annoyed that he could not care less about her.

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harriette said...

What fun to dig in all those boxes! Glad you found the shiny brites! I love tnat sne found more table clotns. Merry Christmas!