Sunday, November 24, 2013

~ Pyrex in that oddly fascinating lime green color...

Oh yea, I always bake from scratch. That is if a bag of Betty Crocker brownie mix counts. And my favorite can of Baker's Joy.  
As I was digging around looking for this particular square Pyrex baking pan, I went ahead and pulled out the set of this lime green Pyrex bake ware. 

So I decide to photograph them together. I made the discovery, I could not find my Sony camera. (I think I left it at my parents) This now required me to use my older Fuji camera. The one I use when I am out taking pictures at the cemetery.  

To add to my thrifty adventures. I have been doing genealogy research for over a decade. And oddly enough, I am in a lot of cemeteries looking for headstones. So I use my Fuji camera for this hobby. And I had it set to a lower dpi setting. And forgot to reset it to the higher dpi setting for this set of pictures. 

Unfortunately, these pictures are lacking in sharpness. So lets look at some of my fuzzy pictures...

I had all these stacked together. The pink, lime green and pale yellow Pyrex casseroles get used all the time in my kitchen.

And since I had the camera out...  lets look at a few more things... 

Oh how I love that Rooster cake plate!

I did have the Pyrex pie plate in the lime green... till I dropped it this past Summer. 

I was hand washing it. And it slipped out of my grip and cracked on the center of the sink. And promptly shattered into many pieces.  It just broke my heart to lose that pie plate. It was my favorite one. 

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Iprefervintage said...

Call it what it is. PYREX PORN.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Well that it is...

And nothing perks me up like the sight of Pyrex stacked up high!

veg-o-matic said...

I found a pink pie plate at the Goodwill this past summer, but I don't think I've ever seen a piece of lime green.
Have you tried the round cake pans? I'm curious to know if they're better (or not) than metal cake pans.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I do use the Pyrex cake pans. And I love them. I just find that the glass Pyrex (or Fire King) just cook very evenly.

I do my baking in a electric oven. So I don't know how much that figures into the finish product.

But I find the glass cake pans, never brown up the edges... like a metal pan will do. They just turn out evenly golden in color.

And I have yet to over cook a cake/brownies using them.