Tuesday, November 26, 2013

~ Pink KitchenAid.... more modern pinks in my kitchen...

As if there was any doubt, I own the KitchenAid pink stuff.  I do love their wonderful pink kitchen product line.  I have the pink KitchenAid mixing bowl set, measuring cups, measuring spoons and the mini grater. That I use to grate lemons for their zest... and chocolate for desserts.

I have a couple utensil pieces from the Cuisinart line of pinks too! 

The only thing I really wanted and never bought is that pink KitchenAid stand mixer...

It is hard to justify the $350.00 cost for it. No matter how perfect it might be... especially when I have my vintage Mixmaster that runs perfectly fine. 

It never stops. I constantly come across amazing pink kitchen linens. I am thinking I found these last Easter. When all the fun Spring things come out. 

I have shown this one before. The pink diamond juice carafe'.... I believe it might have been part of the Hazel Atlas line of perfect kitchen glassware. But never could prove it. 

So image my surprise when I saw this on Pinterest. 

It is the same jar... with a different lid. But the box does not list a name of the maker! There were a few pictures that went with this one... and not one of them had the manufacturers name on it. A girl can not catch a break!


ThrifterSisters said...

My parents bought me a KitchenAid mixer when I got married 13 years ago. They went with the standard white which at the time was fine with me. Now it comes in so many colors! I can't decide which I like more, the pink, jadeite or aqua. The only problem is that my white one still works like it did 13 years ago! The dang thing won't ever break so I just can't justify replacing it simply to get a new color :-)


Mecky said...

If you can, buy the pink mixer!!! One day they may not have it and you will regret it. I wanted the Martha Green mixer so bad but wouldn't spend the money for it. Later on, I had to settle for the Seacrest green one. It is a little darker but close.
I have a vintage Mixmaster that I had fun using but the KitchenAid bows it off the, well you know, the counter!!hehe It is worth the money. The only bad side is that if you decide some day that you are sick of looking at pink, you won't want to get rid of your mixer. They are too expensive to buy new every time we change our kitchens. But then you may be like me and love jadeite for a lifetime.

CherryPicked said...

Have you ever thought of painting one? I have painted 2 total. I buy and resell kitchen aids all the time. There is an online tutorial about painting your kitchen aid. I painted a 1940s kitchen aid because it was in a garbage pile as a trial. Then I did a modern one. Not too difficult. You should try it. White ones come up all the time on craigslist.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I need to pull out my 1967 Mixmaster and take her picture. Seriously, there is not a thing wrong with my vintage mixer. She just keeps on humming along.

Yet, every time I see a display of those new colorful KitchenAid mixers... I just lust for a pink one!

With it having just been October... when all the new pink kitchen stuff hits the market... it just puts me in the mood to stalk the kitchen aisles. Trying to find something new to add to the kitchen of pink. :)