Saturday, November 30, 2013

~ Hazel Atlas - Pink elephants...

So I have been picking up pieces of this Hazel Atlas, pink elephant, coffee carafe set... over the last year. Mostly because I have some sicko fascination for all things Hazel Atlas.

Which means I have been stalking these pink elephants through eBay. Hoping a complete coffee set of these magnificent pink elephants, would show up. I still have not come up with the coffee pot yet. 

I am attempting not to collect the party set, of this Hazel Atlas pattern. Because there is tons of it. Many different sets. Lots of different size glasses. All of it oozes incredible cuteness. And I simply do not have the cabinet space for more drinking glasses. 

So this vintage Hazel Atlas set... mint in box... is getting hard to ignore.

It is currently for sale on eBay...
image from here... and currently for sale... 

Are you kidding me!? This boxed set has three different size glasses with it. In groups of six. Dang this is a great boxed set of vintage pink elephants.  

And if someone wanted to add the matching martini shaker and its shots glasses... you would have the ultimate hostess party set!

Friday, November 29, 2013

~ The Farmer's Wife... November 1936

November - 1936

"...The Farmer's Wife magazine, a monthly published in St. Paul, Minnesota, from 1905 to 1939, was the sole agricultural periodical pitched entirely to farm women, and its visibility was considerable: it had well over one million subscribers nationally by 1930, with readership estimates reaching as high as five readers for every copy...." 

Above quote from here.... 

I love these old Farmer's Wife magazines. If you ever stumble across them in your adventures... and they are cheap... BUY THEM!  Well worth the investment to have the opportunity to read them. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

~ Pink KitchenAid.... more modern pinks in my kitchen...

As if there was any doubt, I own the KitchenAid pink stuff.  I do love their wonderful pink kitchen product line.  I have the pink KitchenAid mixing bowl set, measuring cups, measuring spoons and the mini grater. That I use to grate lemons for their zest... and chocolate for desserts.

I have a couple utensil pieces from the Cuisinart line of pinks too! 

The only thing I really wanted and never bought is that pink KitchenAid stand mixer...

It is hard to justify the $350.00 cost for it. No matter how perfect it might be... especially when I have my vintage Mixmaster that runs perfectly fine. 

It never stops. I constantly come across amazing pink kitchen linens. I am thinking I found these last Easter. When all the fun Spring things come out. 

I have shown this one before. The pink diamond juice carafe'.... I believe it might have been part of the Hazel Atlas line of perfect kitchen glassware. But never could prove it. 

So image my surprise when I saw this on Pinterest. 

It is the same jar... with a different lid. But the box does not list a name of the maker! There were a few pictures that went with this one... and not one of them had the manufacturers name on it. A girl can not catch a break!

Monday, November 25, 2013

~ Pyrex .... stalking things on eBay...

I just love this vintage advertisement for Pyrex. It is too cute for words. 

So as I do when I have time to kill... I roam around in eBay looking for the oddities. Today I spied a couple of neat things in the Pyrex division. Neat vintage items. 

First up. A set of clear mixing bowls. A set I have not ever seen in person. And they are mint in package too. 

image from here... and currently for sale... 

I have a set of these older mixing bowls, the standard round set. That I use all the time. 

But this set of vintage bowls... actually have a flat hand tab and a pointed pour spout.

image from here... and currently for sale... 

And they were bought on sale! For a buck twenty seven!  Then got left in the cabinet never to have been used.

Now I have seen quite a few sets of the Pyrex primary colored mixing bowls... with their label intact. But this set actually has its original Pyrex box too! 

image from here... and currently for sale...

Of course the price sticker is here to cruelly taunt me... that for 3.50 this set of bowls could be yours! (in 1955!) 
image from here... and currently for sale...

I have seen oodles of the coffee carafe's from Pyrex. All kind of shapes and handles. Lots of great mid century designs on them. But this is the first time I have seen the coffee carafe' with its matching creamer and sugar bowl. 

image from here.... and currently for sale...

Or should I call it... the Pyrex Kaffee Klatch.  :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

~ Pyrex in that oddly fascinating lime green color...

Oh yea, I always bake from scratch. That is if a bag of Betty Crocker brownie mix counts. And my favorite can of Baker's Joy.  
As I was digging around looking for this particular square Pyrex baking pan, I went ahead and pulled out the set of this lime green Pyrex bake ware. 

So I decide to photograph them together. I made the discovery, I could not find my Sony camera. (I think I left it at my parents) This now required me to use my older Fuji camera. The one I use when I am out taking pictures at the cemetery.  

To add to my thrifty adventures. I have been doing genealogy research for over a decade. And oddly enough, I am in a lot of cemeteries looking for headstones. So I use my Fuji camera for this hobby. And I had it set to a lower dpi setting. And forgot to reset it to the higher dpi setting for this set of pictures. 

Unfortunately, these pictures are lacking in sharpness. So lets look at some of my fuzzy pictures...

I had all these stacked together. The pink, lime green and pale yellow Pyrex casseroles get used all the time in my kitchen.

And since I had the camera out...  lets look at a few more things... 

Oh how I love that Rooster cake plate!

I did have the Pyrex pie plate in the lime green... till I dropped it this past Summer. 

I was hand washing it. And it slipped out of my grip and cracked on the center of the sink. And promptly shattered into many pieces.  It just broke my heart to lose that pie plate. It was my favorite one. 

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~ Melmac - Lot's of pink... and a splash of yellow!

I have such a soft spot for Melmac. I love the durability of it. And that it still holds on to its color no matter how many times it goes through the dishwasher.

Now I have been attempting to pick up more of the solid pink Melmac pieces.  I have only come up with a few bowls. But they have been good finds for me.

These odd little pink bowls actually match a set of plates that I have had forever... these are from the Lucent line of dishes.

These are my favorite plates to use for cakes.  If I am taking a cake to a party... it is going on one of these plates. These were not exactly Melmac. They were made by Lucent and the pattern is Morning Song. And have a slight difference in the quality of plastic. The Lucent bowls actually have the ability to let light filter through them. These lovely pink plates with the white birds and tree branches... were designed by Roger Lowery in the 1950's.  This pattern also came in a gorgeous pale turquoise. And their pattern name was Evening Song.

Now these are typical Melmac pieces. I have added smaller pink bowls and the cereal size yellow bowls to the cabinets. 

The pink bowls are slightly smaller.  But handy to have.  They are perfect for pudding.

I went and pulled pictures of the other odd pink Melmac I have been adding to the collection... over the last year or so...

I can recall picking up this set of pink for like a dollar. It was all tossed in a brown paper sack. Looking all lonely. And it got snapped up, by me!  It was filled with plates, platters, coffee cups and the servers.  I love it all. Yet, I have yet to bring home any turquoise Melmac.  Just have not found any on my odd adventures when I am in the mood to buy it. 

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

~ Youngstown steel cabinets... the salesman samples...

I love these vintage steel cabinets.  My grandmother's old house... which also had that pink asbestos siding on it... included a gorgeous set of steel cabinets in the kitchen. Even when she built her new home in 1970. She kept a large upright white steel cabinet in her sewing room. Holding her material collection. I wish I had brought that cabinet home with me. 

Anywho... as I was killing time lurking around eBay... I saw these fantastic Youngstown salesman samples.  I can not think of a better way to plan a kitchen. Than being able to see how it will all lay out, in a nice realistic 3D fashion.

image from here.... and currently for sale... 

image from here... and currently for sale... 

Now that is an incredible set of cabinets. I bet a lot of these ended up in the hands of little girls for their old doll houses.

I love these end units that give you the option of having shelf's. 

Plus look at all the options for the sinks!  I love the one on the far left end. Looks like my favorite American Standard plumbing farm house sink... that I lust for... 

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

~ More Melmac Confetti mixing bowls... that all need a new home...

image from here... and currently for sale.... 

Oh my goodness. These are just gorgeous mixing bowls. 

As I was looking through the eBay listings, I saw three sets of these wonderful vintage Confetti mixing bowls. That all need a new home! 

What caught my attention are the big bold speckle colors. There are oodles of these in calm colors. Lots of peachy pink, olive and yellows. All sweet looking bowls. 

 image from here.... and currently for sale...

But there is something amazing when they come in obnoxious bold colors! Like the purples ones!

The best thing about these purple and brown mixing bowl sets... they are starting off with a 15.00 opening bid. Which is incredible. And worth stalking.

Now I would be remiss if I did not point out this set of astonishing pink and red speckle confetti bowls. Made by Brookpark. And in never used condition.

image from here... and currently for sale....

Those are just perfection.