Monday, October 07, 2013

~ Standard Plumbing Fixtures... one gorgeous bathroom....

I love vintage advertisements. Especially the ones that are prior to 1940. The ad's from the 1920's to the late 1930's have the best art work.

So as I roam looking for inspiration for a future bathroom renovation. I keep coming across these delightful images from Standard Plumbing Fixtures.

And the art work for these are just gorgeous. These vintage bathroom advertisements just amaze me in all the detail used in them.

Love that multiple color tile wall...

Love that painted yellow floral border....

And here is the advertisement in full form.... so pretty! 


Mecky said...

That is wonderful. I agree about the artwork from the 20's and 30's.
Isn't that the neatest tub? I would much rather have something like that then what is available today. I can't even watch HGTV anymore. The 2013 d├ęcor isn't for me. There is something so warm and inviting with the old things. Granite counter tops and stainless steel is so cold and unfriendly.
Thanks for sharing.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Oh my goodness... how I dislike the invasion of stainless appliances.

And as pretty as granite can be. It is not a friendly surface for a kitchen. A kitchen filled with vintage glassware.

Nothing will break a piece of vintage glass quicker, than a slight bounce off a granite counter top.

Where as those laminate counter tops... they can absorb a little bounce from a glass bowl without breaking it.

mike stathos said...

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