Saturday, October 19, 2013

~ Royal Lace Depression glassware .... the last of the collection....

Once again, I have Royal Lace depression glass to show off. I am thinking this is the end of the collection. 

First up.... the Royal Lace cookie jar. 

So pretty. As with any piece of vintage glass with a matching lid... I have brown felt stickers on the rim. Hoping to prevent any damage to the inside rim of the jar. 

This older depression glass chips easily. So I have tended to be a little careful when displaying it.  So I have use for those little brown felt sticky circles...  :)

People like to pick glass up randomly, when it is on display... and it can end up with breakage.

Now how about a nice Royal Lace butter dish. 

If there is one odd piece of glassware I have always loved. It is these old depression glass butter dishes. 

They come in many shapes. And are just too lovely to ignore. 

 Next I have the coffee set for the Royal Lace. 

Which includes the creamer and sugar bowl.

I can't remember if there is a lid for the sugar bowl. There was not one packed in the box with this stuff that matched it.

Oddly enough... I did have a green lid for the depression glass pattern for Poinsettia in the box?!

Now I have been known to buy random depression glass lids, when I come across them cheap. So I am going to have to say... this is probably why I have this one. I don't believe I have any more of this lovely green Poinsettia pattern around.

Lastly, here are the two water pitchers for Royal Lace. One I have shown off  before. The pitcher with the ice lip. That took forever to locate. 

The other Royal Lace water pitcher is not that hard to come by. 

And unfortunately the design is not as crisp. The design was pressed into the interior of the water pitcher. Which makes it faint and hard to see. 

But it is a big ole water pitcher! And that is a huge plus!

Now the water pitchers posing with the water glasses....

Dang that is a good looking pitcher! And if I ever come across another one to buy... it is coming home with me!


Anonymous said...

They are all so pretty. That's something I don't have, any depression glass. I never see it except at antiques stores and always for big money! I saw your pink & turquoise Pyrex gravy boat posts, too, I could have done just fine without knowing about those! Ha ha! Thanks for sharing your Fenton glass at We Call It Olde this week. I'll hope you'll be back again, a new party starts Tuesday morning. -Dawn @ We Call It

Farm Girl Pink... said...

The depression glass has been an on going thing of mine that I collect. Since the mid 1980's.

I have two patterns that I collect. And occasionally I pick up an odd piece. It's not near as easy to come across like it was, at one time.

I bought so much of it at the flea markets for years. But now the local flea markets are jokes. And grossly over priced jokes. :)