Wednesday, October 30, 2013

~ Old vintage kitchen glassware still in their boxes... surfing eBay for goodies...

image from here.... and currently for sale!!

Back in the late 1980's... when I was new to buying vintage glassware for my own kitchen. It was not odd to run across vintage kitchen glassware, still in its original boxes. Never having been used, condition. All kinds of neat things would turn up. But that was a long time ago. 

So as I am stalking around the Jadeite listings on eBay. I came across this auction. Now even though the box claims to have 3 dozen 6 ich mixing bowls... there are actually only 18 of them left in the box. They are from 1956. And they are Fire King mixing bowls. Be still my heart.

image from here... and currently for sale... 

Oh holy cow. I would have loved to have stumble across this box. And I do not care that they are all 6 inch mixing bowls with the bead trim. I would have snatched this box up in a heart beat.

Oh, my goodness. That is an exquisite sight. Beautiful, minty, Jadeite mixing bowls with their packing material. From 1956!

I would be thrilled with 4 of these. Eighteen of them would just make me giddy. 

And to make things more interesting. This seller has other vintage misc. Fire King glassware with their original boxes for sale!

image from here... and currently for sale... 

I love that Candlelight glass from Fire King. And here is a wonderful unused set with its box! So so pretty.  Seriously, this seller has some nice items... so take a peek at his stuff.

Then I saw the ultimate find with its original box. Fire King Jadeite - dinnerware in the Jane Ray pattern.

image from here.... and currently for sale... 

Are you kidding me?!?  How amazing. And what closet has this set been sitting in for decades not being loved?!? 

I love seeing items like this still being found. Its been a long time since I have seen any Jadeite in minty... straight from the box... condition. 


Pamela Wade said...

Such pretty jadeite! ~~Pam

Heather said...

My vintage loving friend's church has a whole set of vintage Jadite that they use for church dinners. Any by "whole set" I mean, enough for a whole church.

I've joked with her many times about stealing them...but we can't because it's a church. Also, her husband is the pastor there.


What a dream to find one of these dusty old jadite-filled boxes one day!