Saturday, October 26, 2013

~ The Kelvinator - the ultimate in refrigerator's....

Kelvinator ~ 1934

I can not think of a vintage refrigerator that I adore as much as the Kelvinator's that were issued in the 1950's. They are amazing looking appliances. 

Yet, Kelvinator's had been around since 1914. Making life easier for the ruler of the kitchen. 

What initially got my attention.... was an amazing renovated Kelvinator, that is privately owned. It was highlighted at Retro Renovations back in June of 2012.  Go here to see it. The pictures are amazing. And it is painted an incredible shade of red!! So so pretty. 

Kelvinator ~ 1953

So as I do when I am intrigued ... I go looking for vintage advertisements to track out the life span of these vintage appliances.

Kelvinator ~ 1955 ~ Single door version in Bermuda Pink

As I am looking and reading about this brand... I come to find out that they made matching ranges. So not only could you buy a Bermuda Pink Kelvinator refrigerator. You also could get the matching range too.

And these came in a gorgeous line of colors... 

I love that there were two shades of pale green... with an option to go Lagoon Blue. Along with my Bermuda Pink!  So much pretty to choose from! 

Kelvinator ~ 1955 ~ Double door version in Bermuda Pink

These are just an amazing looking. And seeing a pink range next to it, just makes me smile. 

Kelvinator ~ 1956 ~ Double door version in Lagoon Blue

Look at that wonderful egg holder built into the door. 

Kelvinator ~ 1957 ~ in Buttercup Yellow...

I even love the looks of the yellow one too! 

There was a delightful renovated Kelvinator that had been painted a royal blue. 

image from here.... and it is sold...

But the company (Vintage Appliances and Restoration) that did perform this incredible renovation on this blue Kelvinator... are in the business to do this to any vintage refrigerator. And they have a page filled with projects waiting for a new owner/home. You can see them all here.  It is like Christmas come early seeing all those vintage refrigerators waiting for a new home!
Kelvinator ~ 1953 ~ Single door version in white

As I looked for these older advertisement.... I came across the fact that these Kelvinator's are still in business. Making commercial refrigerators

How neat is that!?! Maybe they will think about bringing back Bermuda Pink, to the world of refrigerators.  :)  

(*I located the vintage advertisements through Pinterest*)

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