Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~ Glasbake by McKee - Chicken bowls... things I do not own... yet.

image from here... 

I had saved these pictures from a couple of months ago. These are indiviual size bowls. Soup bowls in the shape of a chicken. I love these bowls. 

These sweet girls were part of the Glasbake, glass line, produced by McKee.  And they are also part of their fire-on color line of cuteness. 

I have seen only a couple of these in the wild. Both times priced way higher than one would expect.  These three sold for around 14.00 each on eBay. Which is a fair price. They are not plentiful in my part of the world.  And if I came across them in person for 14.00 each... I would buy them.


Mecky said...

Those are really cute!

Pamela Wade said...

Oh my! Those are adorable! I'd love to find those at a sale sometime! Love your blog! ~~Pam

Unknown said...

I have the black one . Would you be interested?
Janet Linscheid