Sunday, October 13, 2013

~ Fenton vases.... the white Silver Crest ones...

I have always loved a nice piece of vintage Fenton glass. This was really a very popular piece of glass to have in your home. And I see it a lot on my adventures. It is a better piece of decorative glassware. And was sold at "better" stores for decades. Which that means it was not cheaply made glass.  :)  I am thinking these date to the 1950's.

Now I tend to buy the color pieces of Fenton. But I do appreciate these pieces of Fenton Silver Crest style.  I love the glass ruffles. These little vases pop up a lot in sales. And nearly all of them go ignored.  I assume they must not have a big mark up in the resale market for the professional eBayer to bother with them. 

Now this white Fenton basket is a new design for me to buy. This would be the Fenton in the spanish lace design. Which of course I had issues with getting the pattern on the basket to show up, without blurring out.

Both pieces are in lovely condition. And not a nick to be found on either piece. 

I bet had either one of these Fenton pieces had a pink or turquoise ruffle... they would have been snapped up before I saw them.

Instead they were left for me to come across.... and cost me a dollar each. I even manage to get them home without breaking either one of them. As pretty as Fenton is... it is easy to break.

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Anny said...

A dollar each is a steal! I love that basket :)

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

Agreed - a dollar each is an amazing price! Very nice finds.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I had got the pink mixing bowls, the corningware mini skillets, the white vases and some more odd things at the same estate sale.

It was the same sale that I saw those amazing Butterprint mugs at, that I missed out on buying.

But there was a table of early Fiestaware, that had all the women fighting for... at this same sale.

So I had the opportunity to pick up some cute cheap things. They had priced the whole sale like this. From .25 to 5.00 was the basic prices for most of it.

Except that Fiestaware table. Which I was too scared to get near. There was a little trash talking going on with the buyers.

Anonymous said...

They are so pretty, what a great deal you got. My mom has some of these and I love them. I hope you'll share this post at my link party, We Call It Olde, a new one started this morning. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It