Saturday, September 28, 2013

~ Pretty Pink table cloth and a little pottery....

So it has been awhile since I had the time to organize my thoughts enough, to take some pictures and post about them. So here are a couple things, I have been collecting over the Summer.

A nice vintage white table cloth with pink trim. With sweet simple floral embroidery.

Using my favorite pink and blue color theme ... with some lilac and orange too! It is a standard 5X5 table cloth. Just a cute random find. 

I have seen lots of these over the years. I do like the pottery bowls to use as serving pieces for the dinner table.  They never really have been pricey to collect. So if you get a itch to buy them. They can be found with out a lot of expense to own them. 

These are both by Universal Pottery - Cambridge Ohio. And were produced from around 1935-1955.

These have a nice weight to them. And can go into the oven. Which makes them a perfect piece to have in the cabinet for me. I love the vintage pottery for this reason alone. You can use them in the oven! 

Plus there are pink roses on them too! And I love me some pink roses. 

Speaking of pink roses... 

I know! So cute! But this one has been used a lot in a previous life. 

The staining does not look this dark in person. But it is there. I did run all of these through the dishwasher, using my favorite Gain dishwasher tablets. 

So those stains are not going anywhere. But I simply don't care. 

Be sure to take a peek at all the wonderful Pink love this weekend at.... 


Rose Brier Studio said...

Your table cloth and pottery are lovely. They are just the things I collect too!
Happy Pink Saturday,

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Beautiful! Love your sweet tablecloth and your pottery!

I was scrolling through my blog reading list the other day and wondering where you were. Hope all is well, and so glad to see you back! :) Pam

ornate splendor said...

Oh! Sweet tablecloth...I am quite a fan of embroidery - everywhere I go, I buy way to much of it! Such a pretty color scheme - the dishes look fabulous on the tablecloth. Well done! Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!)

Jeanne said...

Your tablecloth and the sweetest bowls look awesome together. I love the look of age on pottery dishes. Enjoy.
xo, Jeanne

Annesphamily said...

The bowls and your tablecloth are a great combo! I wish I could find some lovely items such as these! HPS to you and enjoy your weekend. Come visit soon!

LV said...

I love all linens and was nice seeing your table cloth. I have a couple pieces that looks like your dishes.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

Thanks for all the kind words ladies. I am hoping to make a couple more posts, for other odd things that have a new home with me.

I just have lack much free time, for the last few months. It has been a very hectic Summer for me.

I am hoping for a little quite time now since its Fall. Even if it is still ugly hot here. :)