Sunday, September 29, 2013

~ Corningware - Of course I could not stop myself...

I tell myself all the time. Do not buy vintage things that can not be put to daily use in the kitchen. Simply because I have oodles of wonderful things packed up. Lots of great vintage kitchen wares, that I do not have cabinets space to keep out. 

Then I started to pick up random Corningware with the blue cornflower. I adore this stuff. I have never seen a piece of it in bad shape. Seriously. They have always been in excellent condition no matter how old. Corningware really does hold up. And nothing pleases me more than a great vintage item in perfect condition. 

That hopefully explains why I felt the need to buy these skillets. These lovely minty Corningware "Spice of Life" handled individual size saucepans - skillets .

That required me to make space for in my cabinets! These were just so pretty. And in perfect condition. How could I leave them behind? 

So in order to justify buying them. I have turned them into serving pieces for the table. Of course I got a little grief for it. Since I made a big deal about not buying things, unless I could immediately find a use and space for it.  :) 

Just look how pretty they are! I needed these! And I am using them every opportunity I get... to keep sassy comments about my obsession with the vintage kitchen wares to a minimal. 

Plus since these saucepans - skillets are the smaller sizes... they fit in well with the Cornflower ones in the cabinet. Just to help make this purchase a little more understandable. I got these three Corningware skillets for a dollar. It was as if they were destine to come home with me! 

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Jeannie Marie said...

I used to use Corning Ware all the time. I loved it. Your pans are beautiful!

ThrifterSisters said...

There is an abundance of Corning Ware at the thrifts in my area. So far, I have been able to hold myself back and not buy any. I have one single piece that belonged to my grandma and I use it almost daily. It has held up beautifully!


Pyrex Junkie said...

I have a few pieces of the blue cornflower. My mom used it all the time when I was growing up and it does hold up great!

veg-o-matic said...

It is impossible to resist the siren call of those little blue flowers--so don't even try!

Roxanne said...

I love Corning Ware, but to keep my collection small, I only buy fairly uncommon patterns & petite pans. I try not to buy Blue Cornflower or Spice O life at all unless it's I find it so cheaply I can resell it at a low price. Plus, I think it's neat that you can still buy replacement lids at the Corning/Corelle outlets.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

The thing is... I see this Spice of Life stuff everywhere. But I was never a fan of the design.

Yet, dang it, I came across these little sauce pans for a dollar. And now they have a brand new home in my kitchen!

Yet, I can honestly say they have been useful.

I really do have to stop myself from bringing home things, I know I can't use. Or use them as an upgrade to replace something in the already packed cabinets of my kitchen.

Or at least that is my goal. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I grew up eating food that was cooked in Corning Cornflower Blue. My mom got rid of most of it a few years ago, RIGHT before I started the collecting obsession. Booo! You have a great collection. This post would be perfect for my new link party that starts tomorrow, Oct. 1, called We Call It Olde - anything antique or vintage. I hope you'll link up! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

The blue cornflower corning dishes and ads are something I collect. Plus my mom had this pattern when I was a child what can I say memories.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to see I am not the only one with this obsession. I have vowed to buy things I will use, and not cherish and put away because I buy them to remember childhood memories and bringing them out brings me back. Not only the memories are great but I find looking/thrifting part of the excitement... mind you I have not really got super deals as I think the thrift stores are catching on that people collect these. I love your collections. michelle

Unknown said...

I was curious.. I picked up a little skillet and was wondering if anyone used it on the stove and if so for what? I like your idea for serving. michelle