Sunday, September 29, 2013

~ Corningware - Of course I could not stop myself...

I tell myself all the time. Do not buy vintage things that can not be put to daily use in the kitchen. Simply because I have oodles of wonderful things packed up. Lots of great vintage kitchen wares, that I do not have cabinets space to keep out. 

Then I started to pick up random Corningware with the blue cornflower. I adore this stuff. I have never seen a piece of it in bad shape. Seriously. They have always been in excellent condition no matter how old. Corningware really does hold up. And nothing pleases me more than a great vintage item in perfect condition. 

That hopefully explains why I felt the need to buy these skillets. These lovely minty Corningware "Spice of Life" handled individual size saucepans - skillets .

That required me to make space for in my cabinets! These were just so pretty. And in perfect condition. How could I leave them behind? 

So in order to justify buying them. I have turned them into serving pieces for the table. Of course I got a little grief for it. Since I made a big deal about not buying things, unless I could immediately find a use and space for it.  :) 

Just look how pretty they are! I needed these! And I am using them every opportunity I get... to keep sassy comments about my obsession with the vintage kitchen wares to a minimal. 

Plus since these saucepans - skillets are the smaller sizes... they fit in well with the Cornflower ones in the cabinet. Just to help make this purchase a little more understandable. I got these three Corningware skillets for a dollar. It was as if they were destine to come home with me! 

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

~ Pretty Pink table cloth and a little pottery....

So it has been awhile since I had the time to organize my thoughts enough, to take some pictures and post about them. So here are a couple things, I have been collecting over the Summer.

A nice vintage white table cloth with pink trim. With sweet simple floral embroidery.

Using my favorite pink and blue color theme ... with some lilac and orange too! It is a standard 5X5 table cloth. Just a cute random find. 

I have seen lots of these over the years. I do like the pottery bowls to use as serving pieces for the dinner table.  They never really have been pricey to collect. So if you get a itch to buy them. They can be found with out a lot of expense to own them. 

These are both by Universal Pottery - Cambridge Ohio. And were produced from around 1935-1955.

These have a nice weight to them. And can go into the oven. Which makes them a perfect piece to have in the cabinet for me. I love the vintage pottery for this reason alone. You can use them in the oven! 

Plus there are pink roses on them too! And I love me some pink roses. 

Speaking of pink roses... 

I know! So cute! But this one has been used a lot in a previous life. 

The staining does not look this dark in person. But it is there. I did run all of these through the dishwasher, using my favorite Gain dishwasher tablets. 

So those stains are not going anywhere. But I simply don't care. 

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