Monday, June 03, 2013

~ Pretty vintage vases.... Redwing, Fenton Charleton and Bristol satin glass...

Redwing Lily of the valley vase

I have recently added a few vintage vases to my home. Lots of pretty. This is a Redwing - Lily of the Valley - vase.  She is in wonderful shape.

The unique thing with this vase, is the inside of it. 

Redwing Lily of the valley vase

Oh my, isn't that fabulous!

Redwing Lily of the valley vase

So this lovely green and pink vase is a nice heavy vase. Which makes it a good vase for flower arranging. Or just sitting on a table looking pretty. It was a random find recently. Sitting on a table for 2.00 dollars. Even though it was ID on bottom with a price. I suspect the previous owner had left it there for reference.

Next up, a vase that I have always heard refer to as Satin Glass. But I believe their brand name is, Bristol Glass. This vase is white with a hand painted floral design.

Bliss Vase

There were no markings on bottom to clearly ID who made it. Just a couple random numbers.

This next vase is made by Fenton for Charleton. This vase was decorated by hand in the Abels and Wasserburg Company in Germany. 

These seem to date back to the 1940-1950 era.

Fenton Charleton Pink Vase

And it has a made in Germany tag still attached.  I see a lot of this type of vase. Pretty delicate looking, hand painted vases.  I have a set of lamps that I have been trying forever to verify the maker of them. They probably belong to this German line of glassware sold by Fenton. The roses on this vase are suspiciously near identical to the ones on my lamps.

Bliss Vase Redwing Vase Fenton Charleton Pink Vase
So pretty!  I do adore the vintage home wares...

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Helen and her Daughters said...

The Red Wing is beautiful!

Melissa said...

Lovely collection! So delicate and feminine.