Friday, June 14, 2013

~ I am gonna need a bigger glass.... Ponche de Guadalajara punch~

Okay, it is Summer time in Texas. For the folks who have never been remotely near our glorious state. We have Summer from April to December. We barely have anything that remotely looks like a real Winter. If Winter does show up. It tends to last a couple days, then disappears for weeks. So the fine people of Texas, still have their air conditioners on in December, to stop from sweating all day. So we learn to appreciate a nice cool drink early on.

Now I do enjoy my Summer time punches. This one looked so good, I nearly licked my computer screen. I get monthly recipes from Texas Monthly. I am a subscriber to their magazine...  and the recipes just come to me in an email.

And when I saw it requires two different tequila's... I knew this could be my new party punch for the weekends. Ponche de Guadalajara.

I already make a decent party punch. That looks like this one above. Lots of fruit floating in bubbly goodness. But it is based with Sprite Zero and a couple bottles of Boone's Farm. With the same type of fruit sliced up including strawberries. It looks incredible and tastes great. Without anyone getting out of hand.

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Jeannie Marie said...

It looks delicious and very refreshing! It would certainly make a hit here in Florida!