Monday, June 24, 2013

~ Green Anchor Hocking Hoosier glassware... lots of green goodness here...

Anchor Hocking hoosier green depression glassware
Lets take a peek at some pretty green glass! This is more from the collection of Hoosier style glassware that I have... these are the easily recognized ones. The Anchor Hocking depression glass green glassware. I have the drippings jar and canister picture here.... and the canister is missing its glass lid.

I have odd pieces of the Anchor Hocking set. Including more random shakers that I use in the kitchen for odd spices. 

Anchor Hocking hoosier green depression shakers

These are the smooth sided shakers. Where as the above green canister and drippings bowl have the vertical line design.

I do have this one vertical lined green shaker that I use for Kosher salt. And the lid on it... is a newer lid from a short fat Parmesan cheese shaker I found at Big Lots. 

Yes, I have been known to carry around random shakers in my bag. That need replacement lids. Since you really need them in hand to figure out if a odd lid, from a cheap shaker, will fit correctly.  :) 

Anchor Hocking hoosier green depression shakers

I also have a the small clear jar with a painted jadeite colored lid. I have always used it to keep tea bags stored. It has a good tight lid to help keep the air away from the tea bags.

These square canisters seem easy to find. I see them constantly. With either this style of  green lid or solid white lid.  I have notice that a lot of them seem to have been decorated with cute water slide decals.

And it looks so pretty sitting with the Illinois Owens green glass collection too! 

Anchor Hocking hoosier green depression canister

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Mecky said...

It looks like we like the same things again! I never thought of using a lid from the cheese jar for one of the shakers!

thismumrocks said...

That jar reminds me of one we had growing up, used kinda like a piggy used to save up for special treat/toys, like a bike :)

Curtains in My Tree said...

I had almost a complete set including the large cookie jar I think about 23 pieces in all and a lady reading my blog ask to purchase them, so they live with her now

Heidi Ann said...

I love your collection - I have some of that, too. Great stuff!