Thursday, June 06, 2013

~ Fire King Swedish Modern mixing bowls - and their knock off's!

Nigella Lawson blue mixing bowl
I saw these bowls a few months back... while randomly looking for something on Amazon. I was shocked to see them. Since they are so strikingly familiar, to the Fire King Swedish Modern mixing bowls.  They are part of the Nigella Lawson's kitchenware line. And a decent looking reproduction of the original mixing bowls from Fire King.

Now the bowls below, are a set of the original Fire King Swedish Modern mixing bowls. 

Fire King Swedish Mixing bowls
image from here... 

I love these tear drop shaped mixing bowls. I have never had a random sighting of them, at a garage sale, for next to nothing. Nope. I have only spied them at the local antique malls, priced well over $400.00 dollars, for a complete set.  They are gorgeous in person.

So as I was looking for a couple clear images of them, to use to compare to the Nigella Lawson bowls... 

I stumble upon this listing. And her stunning pictures, of the original Fire King turquoise mixing bowls. 

Fire King Swedish Mixing bowls
Fire King Swedish Mixing bowls
Fire King Swedish Mixing bowls

 images from here....

Holy crap. That is hitting the Fire King Lottery. Finding these turquoise Swedish Modern mixing bowls... still Mint in Box.  Those are exquisite.  I wonder if she ever sold them. 

Now to make sure I cover all angles of this little picture story, about these Swedish Modern mixing bowls. 

Here are a couple of pictures of these wonderful bowls in Jadeite green...  and they are much harder to come by than the turquoise mixing bowls.

Fire King jadeite Mixing bowls
image from here...

I did find a set of these charming Jadeite modern mixing bowls currently for sale.... 

Fire King jadeite Mixing bowls
image from here.... and currently for sale too!

Those are amazing. And truly not easy to come by. I have only seen a couple random green bowls in this Swedish mixing bowl set, here and there, through the years. 

Now I do have a set of measuring bowls made of Melamine... that make a great addition to these tear drop shaped mixing bowls.

I love these... and have never had the heart to break them open to use. I have oodles of measuring cups and such to use. So I have kept these mint in package. 

And use them for display.  Hoping one day to add a set of the Fire King turquoise mixing bowls to them!


Mecky said...

I would love to have a set of the jadeite ones. I have only two of the small one. I paid 7.00 a piece for those. Oh if I could only find the rest for that price!
I didn't know there were repros of the blue ones.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I had no idea that those repros had been done either. It popped up in a random search I was doing in Amazon.

But I am not a fan of newer ceramic bowls. They normally are not microwavable. And chip easily.

But these are still pretty-pretty!

Unknown said...

I have 3 of the original blue set that I did find at a garage sale last year and I think I was charged a couple of bucks. The middle one has some chips but still I rank that as one of my best garage sale finds EVER! I love my bowls. I had no idea a Jadeite version even existed--oh my gosh, I think I would faint dead if I ever found any!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh thanks for sharing these...I would be thrilled to have any of them. I'd never seen the Nigella set. All the vintage bowls are gorgeous. Love your set too, and so understand your leaving them intact! :) Pam

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I have not ever come across the vintage fire king turquoise kitchen glass, but at dang antique mall.

Nor have I seen any at the random auctions, I have been too.

I have long suspected it was sold before the actual auction gets underway. But I have come home with misc jadeite that way. I do love going to the auctions. They were worth the effort, if you could stay all day.

Robin said...

I came across your post as I was researching to sell my set on ebay. I am ready to part with them and enjoyed reading from some enthusiasts on glassware. Great blog!