Monday, June 24, 2013

~ Green Anchor Hocking Hoosier glassware... lots of green goodness here...

Anchor Hocking hoosier green depression glassware
Lets take a peek at some pretty green glass! This is more from the collection of Hoosier style glassware that I have... these are the easily recognized ones. The Anchor Hocking depression glass green glassware. I have the drippings jar and canister picture here.... and the canister is missing its glass lid.

I have odd pieces of the Anchor Hocking set. Including more random shakers that I use in the kitchen for odd spices. 

Anchor Hocking hoosier green depression shakers

These are the smooth sided shakers. Where as the above green canister and drippings bowl have the vertical line design.

I do have this one vertical lined green shaker that I use for Kosher salt. And the lid on it... is a newer lid from a short fat Parmesan cheese shaker I found at Big Lots. 

Yes, I have been known to carry around random shakers in my bag. That need replacement lids. Since you really need them in hand to figure out if a odd lid, from a cheap shaker, will fit correctly.  :) 

Anchor Hocking hoosier green depression shakers

I also have a the small clear jar with a painted jadeite colored lid. I have always used it to keep tea bags stored. It has a good tight lid to help keep the air away from the tea bags.

These square canisters seem easy to find. I see them constantly. With either this style of  green lid or solid white lid.  I have notice that a lot of them seem to have been decorated with cute water slide decals.

And it looks so pretty sitting with the Illinois Owens green glass collection too! 

Anchor Hocking hoosier green depression canister

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

~ All kinds of love for the vintage kitchen Canisters... lurking on eBay...

Even though I have, what I consider the ultimate canister sets... I can not stop myself from lurking around in eBay watching what comes up for sale.  And seeing things I have not came across before in my adventures. Like this sweet set of vintage pink plastic canisters.

What grabbed my attention is the names of the canisters contents is embossed on the top of the white lids.

I love that feature. A nice way to identify the contents, without the name being eventually worn off by handling.

Next.... is a great canister wall unit. A fantastic turquoise canister set with lots of shiny chrome.

How amazing is that shiny thing! With the names pressed into the chrome drawers. The drawers slip all the way out. 

Or they can be pulled out half way too. 

Lots of goodness here. I have seen one of these in yellow. This is my first time seeing this wall canister set unit in Turquoise. And it is amazing.

This last set of vintage turquoise canisters was made by COLS PLASTICS.

I have watched a couple sets of these sale... and they were pricey. So I am not sure if the price reflects something I don't know about these. 

Or they are pricey cause they are simply turquoise and pretty.  :)  So if you see a set of them on your adventures for cheap. Snap them up! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

~ Good Housekeeping.... June 1914 ~

With this being Father's Day weekend... I have done nothing but baked for the last two days. Lots of folks to feed sweet goods to this weekend. So I am going to rely on this Good Housekeeping Magazine cover for entertainment. It is from June of 1914. So ninety nine years ago... this was on the news stand. And now nearly 100 years later. Kewpie is still killing it with all their cuteness.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

~ Vintage Tala Canister set.... in Blue!

I really do love roaming around that eBay UK site. And it is breaking my heart that these are so far away! 

This is a wonderful vintage set of  blue and white Tala canister set. With its matching rack. A wonderful find in this Tala items...  to have the matching white metal... wall mounted spice rack.  And its looks incredible....

Friday, June 14, 2013

~ I am gonna need a bigger glass.... Ponche de Guadalajara punch~

Okay, it is Summer time in Texas. For the folks who have never been remotely near our glorious state. We have Summer from April to December. We barely have anything that remotely looks like a real Winter. If Winter does show up. It tends to last a couple days, then disappears for weeks. So the fine people of Texas, still have their air conditioners on in December, to stop from sweating all day. So we learn to appreciate a nice cool drink early on.

Now I do enjoy my Summer time punches. This one looked so good, I nearly licked my computer screen. I get monthly recipes from Texas Monthly. I am a subscriber to their magazine...  and the recipes just come to me in an email.

And when I saw it requires two different tequila's... I knew this could be my new party punch for the weekends. Ponche de Guadalajara.

I already make a decent party punch. That looks like this one above. Lots of fruit floating in bubbly goodness. But it is based with Sprite Zero and a couple bottles of Boone's Farm. With the same type of fruit sliced up including strawberries. It looks incredible and tastes great. Without anyone getting out of hand.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

~ If you love Red Kitchens.... Worcester Vintage Canisters...

Now as I ramble on about my love of the vintage Tala brand canisters.... I also keep stock of the vintage Worcester canisters too. Both are products of England. And just too cute for words.

So as I continue to roam through eBay UK ..... I came across the listing for this mint, set of vintage Worcester Red canister set, listed above. 

But... there is something more amazing to add, to that vintage Worcester Red canister set. 

It's the Worcester Red spice rack! 

Oh my goodness! It even has its original hang tag still attached. The seller lives in the UK. Though they might could be convinced to mail to the US... you never know till you ask! 

Both of these vintage sets would be such a huge addition to anyone who has a vintage red kitchen...

~ The most amazing vintage Egg Basket.... by Tala.

I have a couple searches set up in eBay that I like to keep an eye on. For odd things that might pop up. Well today... it is this incredible vintage Tala Crinko-ware metal egg carrier - basket, that caught my eye. 

As one can see,  it is not a traditional type of weaved basket for egg gathering. Oh, no. It is a stunning metal based... jadeite green painted... up town Tala egg carrier!

And considering its age. It is in fantastic condition. Like it never had any humidity near it, to cause rust to take it over. 

If you look closely behind this perfect green egg carrier.... there seems to be a even older set of glass canisters, with jadeite green metal lids. That I would love to see better pictures of!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

~ Flower head... the potholder...

I have bought all kinds of vintage potholders over the years.  But this is the first one I have found with a flower head, with a baby face on it. It is sightly disturbing... yet oddly fascinating to me at the same time.   And I loved the use of the red and turquoise threads on it too.

It was a gift to my Mother for Mother's Day. I have meant to get a better picture of it to post. But I have given up on that. 

Now for a minor update... I had posted about this set of spectacular EKCO red utensil set, a couple weeks ago.... they were listed for sale on eBay. 

I went back and looked to see if they found a new home. And they sold for $172.50!

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~ Tala Kitchen wares... more pretty things to look at!

Previously in my ramblings about the vintage TALA kitchen wares that I adore... I have shown off many of their items that were done in jadeite green and cream. Today lets look a the other colors that were offer through the years.  Starting with that gorgeous blue and white bread box above... and in need of a new forever home. :) 

I have been looking for the blue pieces and not really seeing that many of them. The jadeite green pieces seem to have been the ones that were mass produced and sold in the US. 
April 1943

But I did come across a lone Rice canister...

So sweet. And the lettering on it is decent shape. I have notice the smaller Tala kitchen tins seem to get handled so much more and fading is more pronounce. But this one still looks good considering the age of  the tin.

These next three blue and white Tala canisters are from the same seller... 

Those are really great! I just adore these vintage canisters from England....

By the time I found these wonderful white and black Tala canisters listed.... they were sold! But I wanted to share the picture. This is such a great set of canisters... and it gives you an idea what they full set would look like.

Oh my... my favorite color... yellow!

This is the first time I have seen a set of Tala pastry cutters, in a yellow and white tin! 

And this is a gorgeous vintage cake canister in the traditional Tala green... 

I saw this wonderful jadeite green, two tiered cake canister - tin, last week.  So cute! But sadly already sold!

This Tala cake canister tin seems to be only buyable if you live in the UK. And it is amazing.... 

But this Tala cake canister, shown below... is still active and will ship to the US.

This one looks like it would hold a two tier cake plus a couple of pies! And this seller has an amazing list of kitchen enamel wares and aluminum things for sale! 

I spied these two green and cream enamel ware pieces... that looks suspiciously like Tala kitchen enamel wares.  

The top one is a drain for sponges... to sit near the sink. And the bottom one... a chamber pot! But they colored up like the other vintage Tala kitchen wares. Seriously, go look at that sellers list of goodies. There is so many good things there for sale.

I love the looks of this vintage green enamel ware brush holder. And it would look amazing with this vintage Tala in the green and cream colors... 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

~ Kitchen finds... pink elephants, pie plate and a random apron...

I have been so tied up with work and family issues... that I am not getting to hit up the sales, I wanted to get to recently. But I have a few odd misc things I have picked up over the last couple of months to show off...

I love the vintage pink elephant stuff. And it is still extremely plentiful and easy to come by. These are both duplicates. But the kind of kitchen items I don't mind having extra's of them.

The pink elephant carafe is made by Cory. With the black bakelite looking trim and lid. I am thinking I have 4 of these now. They hold around 14 oz. of fluid.

I have at least two of these sweet pink planters shaped like a elephant. They look and feel like McCoy. But unfortunate they are not marked. Yet they are vintage pottery.

This just breaks my heart. There is a odd crack on this pie plate. It has not broke all the way through. Kind of like a stress crack. 

It was made by Household Institute and it is their pattern Rhythm Rose. I figure I could use it as a fruit bowl. I tend to have lemons and oranges on hand and keep them sitting on the counter in old cream soup bowl. Now they will reside in this pink rose plate...

And lastly I have a wonderful vintage apron...

This lovely apron is one of the better styles for daily use. This style was made with the big pocket that was the width of the apron.

The trim color looks green in person. But has came out looking more turquoise in the pictures.

It is in decent shape. No tragic stains or wear or tear. And looks cute on too!

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