Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~ Vintage Melmac Mixing bowls - Texasware, Boonton, Brookpark - Confetti bowls & dinnerware...

Melmac confetti mixing bowls
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Have you ever seen a prettier set of mixing bowls? These are referred to as "Confetti bowls". And they are vintage melmac/melamine mixing bowls made by Brookpark.  A beautiful 3 piece set, done in pinks and gray... be still my heart.

Melmac confetti mixing bowls

I have always been able to appreciate the Melmac dishes. I find them extremely durable. And can withstand a lot of hard use and keep on looking gorgeous.  That glorious set above sold for only $41.00 dollars.  I have not seen a set (locally) that was priced under $100.00 dollars, in over a decade. This was a heck of a find for the winner. Which sadly, was not me.

Now these melmac mixing bowls, came in oodles of colors. All of them pretty!

Melmac confetti mixing bowls
image from here.... and currently for sale~

There are some stains in the bottom of this set of red speckle mixing bowls. And from my own experience... they probably can be clean up within reason. These red confetti bowls are too pretty to end up in the trash. Not to take the chance to get them cleaned up.

I have gotten many... ugly dark stains... off white decorative melmac plates and coffee cups. By using Clorox liquid bleach and a Mr. Clean magic sponge. And my trusty purple Playtex gloves..

 image from here....

I will run a half sink of hot water and add a cup of liquid bleach to it. And drop ugly stained melmac item in the bath. Let it sit for a minute, to let the water/bleach bath to absorb into the plastic. Then start scrubbing with the sponge. It has worked wonders for me. 

Now this is a stunning set in olive green speckle melmac... also by Brookpark.
Melmac confetti mixing bowls
 image from here....

I love all the yellow specks in this set of confetti mixing bowls.

 image from here....

My goodness those are marvelous green mixing bowls.

Now I will mention that you could find the confetti style melmac in the dinnerware line. 

Melmac confetti mixing bowls dinnerware
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These are so fresh and summer looking! This set of confetti dinnerware was made for Boonton. 

The best part about these lovely vintage style mixing bowls, they are being currently produced by ZAKS. And can be purchase through Amazon - for a fairly low price. 

ZAKS confetti mixing bowls
Love the Orange!

ZAKS confetti mixing bowls
And this set in Pinks!


Mecky said...

I use to hate Melmac dishes growing up. I wished that we had pottery dishes. So different now, though!
I don't have any of these bowls but I do have two of the plates.
Pretty pretty pretty

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh I love these bowls, and never find them on my hunts. I did bid on a great set on eBay once, but it went beyond my budget. I'm going to check out the new set on Amazon. Thanks for the links!
:) Pam

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I keep hoping to come across a set of the mixing bowls at a garage sale too.

I just can not justify 125.00 for a set of melmac bowls. No matter how pretty they are!

Kelli Davidson said...

I love Melmac! I have both sets of the new bowls and their weight etc are perfect! I purchased them at the Kitchen Connection and couldn't be happier. I've never seen Melmac bowls like the ones you show though - something new I guess. I once had an entire set of pink melmac Texasware dishes from the 50's still in the original box. You would have loved them! I think I paid $10 for the entire 54 piece set.

Amy said...

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! My mother has a few mismatched confetti bowls, but I've never been lucky enough to stumble upon any (that I can afford!).