Thursday, May 23, 2013

~ Vintage kitchen utensils... Washington Forgecraft stainless steel knives...

Forgecraft stainless steel
I have collected lots of vintage advertisements. Mostly for the odd kitchenware items, that I use in my kitchen. They help me in my quest to find all the pieces to a collection ... for the crazy things that I buy.  

As I have documented here before... 

Cornflower Melamine knife utensil

I have a slight obsession with vintage kitchen utensils. All kinds of cooking utensils and knifes. Especially the ones with the Melamine handles.

So as I keep searching for an old advertisement for the set of Cornflower knifes above.... 

I came across the advertisement for my other set of Melamine handle utensils

They were made for Forgecraft by Town and Country.  And their pattern name is "Provincial Wheat". 

Forgecraft stainless steel

Forgecraft stainless steel

I get so  much satisfaction finding who made these and what their product pattern name. 

Plus I get a good idea what exactly was issued for this line of utensils. Which will put me on a new tangent to find all the pieces!  :)

Forgecraft stainless steel
Forgecraft stainless steel
That wonderful bumblebee paper under the knifes... was saved from my Easter box of goodies from ImagiMeri's. I loved it and held on to it, hoping to use it again.


ThrifterSisters said...

My sister loves to research each and every thing that she finds at the thrifts or sales. She gets the same satisfaction learning the history of items! Me, I'm just happy to find things:-)


harriette said...

I have never seen these, how neat!

Kelli Davidson said...

I love them! I have a knife and a carving set in this pattern - they were my mom's.

Unknown said...

Hi, I was wondering what year those advertisements are from?

Unknown said...

Need help in identifying a set of 3 carving knives + 6 steak knives.
How can I send you a picture?

Farm Girl Pink... said...


You can send me pictures to my account... it is the one tied to this blog.