Thursday, May 30, 2013

~ Red Tulips - vintage linen tablecloth....

red tulip table cloth
I have been using this table cloth a lot in the back grounds of my latest round of picture taking.  This lovely red tulip linen tablecloth.  It was a random find in a box in my laundry room. I probably bought it 20 years ago. I can last recall using it on my dining room table in my old townhome.  And that townhome was years ago before the move into Collin County. 

Any who... I was surprise to see it. But even more surprising was what was wrapped up in it.

A large pink depression glass cake plate. At first I thought it was a piece of pink Royal Lace. But I pulled out some glasses to compare the pattern... and it does not look like it belongs to that pattern. 

Unfortunately, I can not lay my hands on my Gene Florence book, to determine exactly what pattern it is. It could be Royal Lace for all I know.  I really do need to find that book.

But I had used this pretty red tulip linen tablecloth... when I packed it up this pink cake plate many years ago, for the move. 

And this is such sweet little tulip design... and I am happy to have unearth it from that old box.

Now lets pop over to 
and see its new home!


Cottage Sweet Cottage said...

I just love the cake plate~ it's beautiful! And the table cloth is so pretty too!

So glad you joined us over at Rednesday! I'm looking forward to next week!


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Barbara said...

Can't help you with the glass pattern, but I do love that tablecloth!