Wednesday, May 01, 2013

~ Libbey Glasses... vintage drinking glasses... pink floral...

Vintage Libbey glasses pink floral

I showed these off before.... they are a set of vintage Libbey drinking glasses. That have a lovely pink floral design that fades into white. These were a random find at a garage sale a year or so ago.

Vintage Libbey glasses pink floral

As I was looking at Oodles and Oodles yesterday... I saw she found the matching juice glasses for this set. And they are just divine. 

It is getting harder to come across these fabulous 60's style drinking glasses.  I never pass up buying these vintage drinking glasses, if I see them for a decent price.


ThrifterSisters said...

I never pass them up either. We are actually trying to come up with another storage solution because I am running out of cabinet space! Why couldn't they have made vintage glassware just a little bit ugly?


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

Me too! Running out of storage space. I'm just putting them in boxes until I figure something out..

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I go through cycles with mine.

I have them boxed up in sets of 18. I keep out 18 glasses at all times.

6 - 6oz/juice, 6 - 12oz, and then 6 of those jumbo size ice tea glasses by Hazel Atlas, that I adore.

Every so often I rotate them out.

I have four sets of 18 that I use.

The reason for the rotating of them is to help keep the graphics from fading.

Then I have the two boxes with random finds. That I need to go through and move some of them into the ones I use.

Barbara said...

Thank you SO MUCH for leaving a comment about these! I did not think the glasses were marked, but I took a second look and found the little L mark. Love your blog! I'm glad you visited! Barbara at oodles and oodles

takeshi007 said...

I like the floral designs of this vintage drinking glasses. You can also make these glasses as a gift for your friend on his/her birthday. Aside from flower design, you can engraved drinking glasses or wine glasses with names, initials or even quotes just make the glasses become unique and memorable.