Sunday, May 26, 2013

~ Lets look at some vintage Ekco cooking utensil's.... eBay style!

Once again I am lurking on eBay.... looking at the vintage Ekco utensils. The big sell points for me with these vintage Ekco's. Are the fact the melamine handles were suppose to be heat resistant. And the color handles held their color without fading. 

Below is how Ekco grouped their utensils. Which was determined by what kind of handle they had. Plus their actual cost is also listed too!

And there are a few interesting things up for sale in eBay.

Up first... is a set of the Ekco's with the vegetable theme handles. I believe this design is called "Spice".  Best part. They are mint in box. Just taken out to photograph them.

 image from the current auction...

I love it when they are so minty!

Next is an older set of Ekco utensils. Also mint in box. And a very interesting color. 

image from auction here... 

Is that a copper color handle? These have the wood handles that have been painted. And I love the looks of them. Clean simple handles.

This is a set of Ekco - Flint with their minty two piece box. These are probably late 60's. When the color brown started taking over kitchens.  The design name on the box is Sandalwood Wheat.

image from the auction here....

Though I am not fond of the color brown in my kitchen. These have a lovely design on the heat resistant handles.

image from the auction here...

These are a rare sighting for me. This set of Ekco's have a black handle with a white daisy. So cute! And there is 6 pieces! And they look to be in really nice shape too. 

image from the auction here....

Now these have a wonderful tulip design on the handles. Too cute for words! I will say that blue seems to have been a popular color, used on these Ekco melamine handle utensils.

Now these are the red plastic handles... the Aeriston style by Ekco. They are incredible. And still have their hang tags on them! Which were marked .49 cents! Each! Bought from the local Woolworth's.

(These have been relisted and currently for sale!)

It just thrills me to find anything vintage, for the kitchen, with their tags attached! 

image from the auction here....

The thing that has always impressed me with the vintage Ekco brand of utensils, is that they have held up for decades. And with basic care, they will continue to be beautiful for many more years too. 

ETA:Those wonderful red handle Ekco's sold for 172.50....


Mecky said...

Those are great sets of utensils.

I collect the red and white ones and look almost everyday on Ebay for them. I never saw those. I would of jumped at that, only they are rather high. I think they are the darker red ones and I prefer the lighter red.
I just bought some on Ebay that were in perfect unused condition but no tags. I was planning to do a post on this this week!! I will have to be sure to share them soon!

Farm Girl Pink... said...

After all these years, I still find that search engine in eBay, a little iffy with its results.

Those red tagged utensils are incredible. And pricey.

If this set had been in a store and I saw them in person. I most likely would have owned them.

I can talk myself out of buying things from eBay. But I lack the same strength when I see them in person. And can touch them first. :)