Monday, May 27, 2013

~ Hoosier style glassware.... Owens Illinois Glass the Forest Green set...

It has gotten to the point... I can not remember what I have bought. I have been collecting for so long... I just can not recall what all I have. 

I keep picking up random pieces of the dark green depression glassware during my thrift store adventures. The dark green glass that was used in the old style Hoosier cabinets. Which is also referred to as Owens Illinois Forest Green depression glass.

For this glassware to be depression era glass.... it does not get the same kind of devotion that the pale green depression glass receives. So it can be picked up for decent to cheap prices. 

And I finally have made it a point to drag it all together to get it photographed. To document exactly what I have on hand. These sweet Hoosier style pantry jars.

I have two different styles of these dark green jars... the ones with the diagonal ridges and the other with the waffle square block design... 

Since I had collected enough of the shakers over the years... I use them for random spice shakers. I am so use to looking at them daily, that I tend to forget that they are depression glass. 

I only have a few that are not in use in the pantry. All of them have their vintage aluminum lids. Which is a little gift from the thrifting gods. I hate having to hunt down lids for vintage shakers. 

I tend to keep cinnamon, cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic salt... in these shakers. 

I even have a random clear glass shaker in this waffle pattern too.  There were full sets of this glassware made in clear too. I just have the one random shaker though...

The set with the diagonal ridges is shorter and broader, than the set with the square block design. 

But these pretty dark green glassware... are still plentiful and pretty easy to come across. So I keep on adding to the collection. 

Oddly enough.... Owens Illinois Glass company is still in business. Making new glass items to this day! 

And back this week.... ~Apron Thrift Girl!  


Mecky said...

I have always liked those pantry jars. I don't have any of them, though. I have the light green jars.

Melissa said...

Great collection! It's so nice to see vintage/antique items getting used instead of just sitting lonely in a cupboard.

Unknown said...

You find the most amazing things! I think that emerald green color is really beautiful.

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

That green glass is super pretty, especially gathered all together!