Wednesday, May 15, 2013

~ Ball Canning Jars.... Special 100th Anniversary issued ones!

Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars Blue mason jars
Last month I came across an article about the newly issued "limited-edition Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ball brothers’ Perfect Mason Jar".... and I knew I was going to need to find me a case!

Now I did have a little trouble finding them to purchase, in person.  I had hit up my local hardware store and Target... and they didn't have them on the shelf. I had been randomly looking for them without any luck. 

Then last week at Kroger's.... there they were... next to the baggies and foil.... my new case of Ball Heritage Blue canning jars! 

Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars Blue mason jars
Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars Blue mason jars

Yes, I let out a squeal when I saw them. And they are so amazing in person. These Ball jars are gorgeous. So bold! So turquoise

Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars Blue mason jars

I did use one of my older blue Ball canning jars to show the difference in the color. Along with those turquoise Martha Stewart spatula's that I love the color of...

Ball Heritage Collection Pint Jars Blue mason jars

My older Ball jars are the big ones. 

Ball Jar Blue Hazel Atlas glass
And I even have a newer issued vintage style Ball lid for it! So it fits like a glove. 

Now how about another look at my new ones!

I have not had the heart to break them out of the box yet. I have had them sitting on the bar, on display, ever since I brought them home. Thinking I need to buy another case!


Mecky said...

WooHoo, you found some. I almost bought some from Amazon, but then remembered that Ace Hardware has a great canning section. I called and they ordered me some. They said they will have a display in June. I know that Ace was cheaper than Amazon, but when I picked them up, they were only 9.99 each. Cheaper than what their site said. I did open one and they are very pretty. I don't have the heart to use them. One box, I may leave unopened. For now anyway.
I have all of my old blue ones packed away. I don't do anything with them. But I do think they are so pretty.

Farm Girl Pink... said...

I paid 9.99 too, for my case from Kroger's.

The stores I had checked first, had stocked them, but where already sold out.

And it was by accident I even saw them at Kroger's. Their canning section is not exactly large.

So it never crossed my mind to look there.

But I had cut down the aisle, to go check out and saw them on the shelf. Let out a squeal and snatched them up!

Maureen said...

I got some from Amazon, but I was in Sam's Club yesterday and they had them, a big supply-for $8.97 I believe. Plus, I'm in Anchorage where things tend to be more expensive, so they may be cheaper in the Lower 48.

Anonymous said...

Omg, I just posted about the ones I bought! I love, love, love them! I paid $8.67, and bought 3 cases. I'll have to check out my local Sam's Club to see if they have them. Hopefully they do!

Unknown said...

On my way to Sams!