Friday, May 24, 2013

~ All that pink plaid goodness.... Dollar General is tired of looking at me!

I bet, I have been in more Dollar General's in the last month... than I have been in the last 2 years combined.  Sadly, I had not came across these wonderful pink plaid kitchen linen goodies, till they had been on the shelf's for a couple weeks.  So I was determined to find what I could. And fast before it was gone

And all I really wanted was to find the second oven mitt in pink plaid.  Which I did eventually locate. After visiting stores in 4 different towns. 

But while on my quest... I found something else in pink plaid. That I only found in one of the stores. And I must have been in at least ten different Dollar General stores in the last month.

I came across this absolutely amazing plaid dinnerware. That matches the plaid oven mitts, I was obsessed about. There are dinner plates and salad plate size dishes. 

There is 4 plates to each set... of what is amazing plaid goodness. So I now have 8 dinner and 8 salad size plates.

How cute are those plaid plates! I was so shocked to see them. I had not seen them in any other store, than the one in Plano. 

Of course I snatched up a set in both plaid colors... in the two different sizes. 

And I was able to find enough kitchen towels to be happy.

I ended up with two of each style here... I love all this kitchen stuff. I love the use of the bold happy colors for Summer. I am just tired of drab colors being so prominent in the home good's isle:)  This line of inexpensive kitchen linens have perked me up!  

Be sure to check out all the great pink items this weekend at.... ~Pink Saturdays!   


LV said...

In my surrounding area, there is all the different dollar stores. You have your pick as to which one to shop. I love them.

Tami Von Zalez said...

I would snap up the plaid dinnerware too~!

Popped in from Pink Saturday.

Maria's Space said...

I love all that pink!

Beverly said...

Ooh, yes. I am so loving those plaids. You searched and you were successful. Great finds!

Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for celebrating with us.